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Big Picture

It has become abundantly clear that Additive Manufacturing (AM) will have a disruptive influence on the U.S. and world.  The implication of having the technological capability to produce "parts on demand when and where they are needed" is evolving in real-time.  It is likely that AM will impact every aspect of the acquisition life cycle of naval systems including design, engineering, manufacturing, repair and maintenance.[1-4]  Furthermore our current business models, product delivery methods, and logistic support system will need to adapt in order to take advantage of the full potential benefits of AM.   For the Department of the Navy (DoN), it is important to understand what the implications are for warfighting and to facilitate the transformation of our current policies, processes, and procedures through the judicious execution of technology innovation.

To help develop a strategic approach to the Navy implementation of Additive Manufacturing, we plan to use the MMOWGLI tool/method.  A MMOWGLI may be summarized as follows: "MMOWGLI, Massive Multiplayer Online War Game Leveraging the Internet, is a message based game that encourages innovative thinking about some of the world's most wicked problems. The MMOWGLI project is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) for the United States Navy (USN). The goal of the project is to explore the potential of MMOWGLI, with a variety of themes to expand engagement in military and non-military strategy development for complex geopolitical problems. MMOWGLI is designed to support large number of distributed global players working together on idea generation and action planning, with an eye towards surfacing innovative outlier strategies." [5]


We are planning for two weeks (and possibly two rounds) of Additive Manufacturing MMOWGLI games. The games will be executed as part of an integrated effort to develop a Navy S&T roadmap for AM implementation.  This AM-MMOWGLI will help clarify the vision end-state for Navy AM, identify the technical challenges associated with achieving that end-state, and define viable approaches to achieve the broader vision.  It is envisioned that the generated game products may serve as the basis for significant R&D and technology transition proposals.  

Intended Participants

A broad breath of diverse and subject matter expertise drawn from within the Navy, DoD, Academia, and Industry.


The AM-MMOWGLI will be executed as part of an integrated effort to develop a Navy S&T roadmap for AM. 

1.  The AM-MMOWGLI will be held in September and focus on defining the implications, "the Grand Challenges" and possible solutions that AM pose for the Navy.   

2.  The Navy will execute a Navy Additive Manufacturing Technology Interchange (NAMTI) planned for October 2013.   The results of the AM-MMOWGLI will be incorporated into technology exchange working group sessions covering (i) innovative design, (ii) advanced materials, (iii) rapid response to the warfighter, (iv) system qualification and part certification, and (v) sustainment.


The results will be used by the Navy, in order to build a collaborative AM R&D and technology transition program.  Priority will be given to support ONR transformative initiatives in additive manufacturing, e.g., an Innovative Naval Prototype (INP) proposal. 

The results of the workshop will be disseminated widely and used to support DoD AM initiatives.  

Access, Game Dates & Schedule

AM-MMOWGLI Game Dates:  16-27 September 2013

The AM MMOWGLI will consist of two weeks of gameplay.  The first phase of the game will focus on exploring the transformative opportunities AM offers and the associated challenges to their implementation.  Attention will be on innovative design concepts, advanced materials technologies, rapidly responding to the needs of the warfighter, AM system qualification & component certification, and maintenance & sustainment.  Participants will collaborate together on ways to combat constraints and elaborate on opportunities to generate new solutions.

During the second phase of gameplay, the focus will be on fleshing out the concepts in the form of Action Plans.  Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate on the development of these Action Plans as well as assess their potential. 

Game Schedule:

  • Big Picture: Let's get started! (16-17 September)
  • Rapid Response: Prototypes, technology, transition, & spare parts..oh my! (18 September)
  • Design Innovation: Reduced weight, consumption & increased functionality (19 September)
  • Sustainment: Repair, tooling, logistics (20 September)
  • Advanced Materials:  Metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, organics (23 September)
  • Qualification & Certification: Reduced cost, time, testing  (24 September)
  • Open Play: What other great ideas can we explore? (25-26 September)
  • Action Plan Collaboration: players finish, fine-tune their plans (25-26 September)
  • Final Voting on Action Plans:  What are our best paths forward? (27 September)
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