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Here are some videos of interest for the additive manufacturing (am) game.

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Call to Action: additive manufacturing (am) MMOWGLI game

Call to Action:  We need your help! Additive Manufacturing (AM), including 3D printing, is a recognized "game changing" manufacturing technology. The Navy operates in a unique and extremely harsh environment far from the shores of the United States. How will our ability to manufacture parts and systems on demand, where and when they are needed, impact tomorrow's Navy? What are the challenges associated with the implementation of AM? What might be the unexpected, innovative effects of AM?

This video provides but a tiny glimpse into the world of AM and the Navy environment in which AM must be deployed. Come, play the game! Create, Innovate, adapt, and challenge ideas and concepts. Help steer and propel the introduction of AM into our Naval forces. Will you contribute your voice to intelligently integrate this "game changing" manufacturing technology into our NAVY??


NPS .wmv

Welcome to MMOWGLI This "bumper video" provides an invitation to play the MMOWGLI game


NPS .mp4

New Game Design Process for MMOWGLI The New Game Design (ngd) video illustrates the design process for conceptualizing and creating new MMOWGLI games.


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Production Credits

Call To Action

  • NAVAIR Team

Bumper Video

New Game Design

  • Becca Law of NPS MOVES created this short summary of themes considered in past MMOWGLI games, provided as a way to inspire examination of key questions, audience goals and intended outcomes during the game design process.
  • Becca used iMovie software provided by MacBook Pro for video production, with music provided by iTunes via the iMovie software.


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