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Welcome to the Naval Open Systems Architecture (OSA) Business Innovation Initiative (bii) war game.  As you know, there is real long-term downward pressure on Defense spending in the 2011 Budget Control Act, for spending caps and the sequestration that we are all dealing with today.

You’ve been invited to play because you can bring some creative ideas to figure out how to continue to deliver excellence with less money.  Living with these limits is going to be hard, but together, I believe we can meet the challenge.

The Naval Open Systems Architecture Strategy calls for some technical and business practices that can 1) reduce cost, 2) get greater access to innovation, 3) increase our speed-to-fleet for those innovations, 4) maximize competition and 5) provide a profitable business environment for industry.  Undersecretary Kendall recently said that we must apply incentives so we get what’s important to us.


In this game, we will explore how to incentivize Industry and motivate the Acquisition Work Force to use Open Systems Architecture principles in their acquisition strategies. The Government needs to be a smarter buyer, getting the best products for the warfighters at the best price for the taxpayers. That means both more competition and more commonality.

We need your thinking and creativity.  I know that you’ve got ideas about how we can change.  Please share them with us by playing this game.  You can be a part of shaping the future of Naval Acquisition.

Please sign up for notification when the game is about to start.  Later, after you register to play and confirm your eligibilty via email acknowledgement, you create a new game ID so that all players are anonymous. Where you come from doesn’t matter – your desire to help build the best possible Navy and Marine Corps is what we need.

Once the game starts, try to spend a little time each day reading and building off of other people’s ideas and adding your own to the discussion. You can participate as often as you want – for a few minutes or an hour – it’s up to you. his crowd-sourcing game is a new and exciting way for all of us to be a part building something great.

Thank you for playing – I’m really looking forward to seeing your ideas.

---- Nick Guertin, PE
Director for Transformation
Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, Test and Evaluation

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