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In an effort to bring you a better blog experience, we've moved the Gen Y mmowgli page over to a new site.  To visit this site, please go to the following page :

Thanks for your understanding! We hope to see you in game soon!

Welcome Back RIPTIDErs!  A small cadre of GameMasters has read all of the 9600+ ideas.  Whew! We then spent several weeks analyzing them, , daydreaming about the possibilities and most vitally, putting them into Action Plan themes…combining similar and duplicate ideas that garnered a lot of conversation in the game.

That was quite a task, but we now have 21 powerful Action Plan starters.  We did see that the Action Plan themes sort of fell into three flavors, and we gave them names to indicate our level of excitement and, in some ways, what it might take to pull it off.  So, at about a weekly pace, we will work on three Action Plans, one from each flavor. Here are the flavors:

Buzzer Beaters – A buzzer beater is just one shot, but that one shot changes a game from being a loss to a win.  On the surface, it’s not difficult…it’s just a shot.  But we also know that we wouldn’t build our season strategy to depend on every game needing a buzzer beater to win.   These Action Plan ideas are game changers, and really amount to a key shot at the right time. 

Tide Changers – ok…you knew we’d have to piggy back on our RIPTIDE theme.  Tide changers are  Action Plans that can sort of change the way we go about daily business, sort of change from tides of low morale, low teamwork, low communication to tides of high morale, teamwork and communication.

Culture Quakers – change the landscape of Naval Maintenance forever, just like an earthquake.  We are talking about scary, daring, shake the foundations kind of changes.  These Action Plan ideas will rock our world.

So, get ready to RIPTIDE again.  This is the critical Action Plan phase.  You’ll get invites to be an author or you can watch from the sidelines.  It’s participative crowd sourcing, just like our Idea generating phase.   It’s messy, fun, chaotic, productive and …when we are all done, we will have 21 Action Plans that will be vetted with senior managers and executives to get resourced and put into reality.

Hello RIPTIDE mmowgli Players,

Stay Tuned !  We are now entering the Action Plan phase of our RIPTIDE mmowgli.  A small team of Game Masters have spent the last month reading, sorting and collating the 9000+ ideas and translating them into tentative Action Plans.  We will be inviting many of you to help develop those Action Plans in a collaborative way in the mmowgli game.



To summarize our RIPTIDE mmowgli so far and to give you a peek at what the Action Plan workspace looks like, we have put together this short 10 minute video.  Looking forward to collaborating with many of you to turn these great ideas into powerful action plans.

Hello RIPTIDE Players,

Thank you for your committed participation in the RIPTIDE mmowgli game!  We have begun the arduous task of synthesizing your ideas in preparation for the Action Plan development phase and we are super impressed with what we have to work with.  As is customary with every mmowgli, we want to recognize those who contributed to the game in ways that stood out most to the game team.  Deciding on the top winners was difficult, but after much deliberation the following awards have been chosen.

Drum roll please:

Total Points Awards

Legion de MMOWGLI  Medal (LDM), is awarded to the top 3 players with the highest total score points.

1. COB2004.  Affiliation: Not Listed.  Expertise: Managing.  Location: Virginia.

2. pepper1.  Affiliation: Industry.  Expertise: US Navy Veteran & Senior Executive Recruiter/ Project Manager.  Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan.

3. BubbleheadAffiliation:  U.S. Navy.  Expertise: Career submarinerLocation: Bangor Submarine Base, WA


MMOWGLI Commendation Medal (MCM), is awarded to the players with the 4th - 10th highest total score points.

MMOWGLI Commendation Medal Winners

4. speedracer.  Affiliation: Department of Defense.  Expertise: Operated Business in Hawaii
Radiological Controls.  Location: PHNSY.

5. DagnyTaggart.  Affiliation: Department of the Navy.  Expertise: Learning Organization; LEAN Six-sigma; Change Management.  Location: Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard  & IMF.

6. 586steve. Affiliation: Department of Defense.  Expertise: NavSea Preservation and ServicesLocation: The 808 State.

7. Whiskey138Affiliation: Department of Defense.  Expertise: Current employee with PHNSYLocation: Pearl.

8. MaheaAffiliation: Department of the Navy.  Expertise: Learning OrganizationLocation: Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and IMF.

9. LO GirlAffiliation: U.S. Navy.  Expertise: Shipyard employeeLocation: Hawaii

10. greenduckAffiliation: Department of Defense.  Expertise: Background with most trades used in shipyard. Long history in the education field, at a Master's level. Leadership roles for over 30 years.  Location: NNSY.


Idea Card Play Awards

Longest Idea Card Chain

Snowdrifter with 152 children cards


Bandwagon Fan: Most Expand Cards Played

Expand Card pepper1 with 257 cards        

Overcomer: Most Adapt Cards Played

Adapt Card Bubblehead with 122 cards         

Devil's Advocate: Most Counter Cards Played

Counter Card COB2004 with 122 cards     

Trailblazer: Most Explore Cards Played

Explore Card speedracer with 61 cards            

Super Hero: Most Super Interesting Cards Played

Dr. Solomon and pepper1 tied with 6 cards each  


Honorable Mentions

Spurred the Most Conversation 586steve
Above and Beyond (blog post contributor) pepper1
Golden (all cards played were marked Super Interesting) WillyWonka




Bravo Zulu to the honorees and thanks again to all of our RIPTIDE mmowgli participants.  If you were not among the Idea Generation phase award recipients don't fret, you may have an opportunity to participate in the upcoming Action Plan Development phase and get on the top of the leader board.  Stay tune for future updates via email, this blog site and Twitter (@mmowgli). Who knows! We may call on you again...

Congratulations RIPTIDE mmowgli Team! 

You've been amazingly creative and productive, playing over 9,600 cards since we started using the MMOWGLI platform.  You have helped generate ideas to overcome the wicked barriers facing our Naval Shipyard Maintenance community.

Thanks for all your time and effort; your voice has been heard.

Keep an eye on the blog for more communication in the coming weeks and don't forget to follow us on Twitter (@mmowgli).

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