cap2con (Capacity, Capabilities, and Constraints) mmowgli wargame

Capacity, Capabilities, and Constraints (cap2con) Game

Get ready, get set... gone! Game results are open to guest visitors!

The cap2con game is open for play 4-12 NOV and 2-8 DEC 2013.

Eligibility: active duty, reservists, DoD employees and contractors only, please. Players must be 18+ years old and U.S. citizens.

If you work for DoD and are interested in shaping the Navy's future, then you are just the person that cap2con MMOWGLI is looking for.

Play the game, change the game!

Call to Action

The "call to action" sets the stage for the game and describes the problems we are trying to address.  Please check out the Call To Action video.  If you have trouble accessing it, we have summarized the same ideas in a PowerPoint slide show.

Big Picture

The Navy is faced with an exciting opportunity to leverage its tremendous capability and capacity in new and innovative ways as it rapidly adapts to ever-evolving conditions.  The shift away from Iraq and Afghanistan and the "pivot to the Pacific" under tremendous fiscal constraint creates challenging new manpower employment requirements.  A highly-trained, agile force stands ready to win wars, deter aggression and maintain freedom of the seas.  But what if we employed our forces using an updated manpower paradigm?  How much more effective could we be?

To help develop a strategic approach to maintaining the Navy's current capability and capacity while mitigating risk, we plan to use the MMOWGLI tool/method.  A MMOWGLI may be summarized as follows: "MMOWGLI, Massive Multiplayer Online War Game Leveraging the Internet, is a message-based game that encourages innovative thinking about some of the world's most wicked problems. The MMOWGLI project is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) for the United States Navy (USN). The goal of the project is to explore the potential of MMOWGLI, with a variety of themes to expand engagement in military and non-military strategy development for complex geopolitical problems. MMOWGLI is designed to support large number of distributed global players working together on idea generation and action planning, with an eye towards surfacing innovative outlier strategies." [5]


The purpose of cap2con MMOWGLI is to identify potential Active Component (AC) mission sets that could be transitioned to the Reserve Component (RC) -- in part or whole -- to offset costs to retain Navy capability in this time of constrained resources.  We are planning for two weeks (and two rounds) of cap2con MMOWGLI games. The games will be executed as part of an integrated effort to develop creative ways to employ all Navy members, (active and reserve) in the most effective, collaborative and powerful way possible.  This cap2con MMOWGLI will identify challenges associated with integrating two very operationally unique forces, and define viable approaches to achieve the broader vision.  It is envisioned that the generated game products may inform significant high-level decisions made by Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and Chief of Navy Reserve (CNR). 

Intended Participants

A broad breath of diverse and subject matter expertise drawn from within both the Navy AC and RC, specifically:

  • AC unit operators (ship, squadron, wing etc.)  
  • AC/ RC personnel with RC employment experience
  • AC manpower, training and resource SMEs


 cap2con MMOWGLI is designed to encourage exploration of two critical themes:  

 1. Educating the AC on capabilities resident within the RC

  • If the AC can identify mission sets suitable for execution by the reserve component, Reserve Sailors can lessen AC burdens   
  • AC is unaware of capabilities resident within the RC, leading to suboptimal RC utilization

2. Identifying ways to optimize RC support to enable AC "warfighting first" across all required operational capabilities


 Game results will be used to...

  • Inform higher-level discussions about Navy force structure, strategies & capabilities
  • Identify new ways to use, integrate, configure, synergize and enhance AC / RC forces, missions & resources
  • Present senior leaders with creative deckplate-generated options to improve warfighting readiness and effectiveness by optimizing RC manpower utilization
  • Facilitate open AC-RC dialogue to draw out new ideas for synergizing functions
  • Identify and better inform RC of specific AC gaps and support requirements
  • Generate better force wide understanding of AC & RC strengths & limitations

The results of the game will be delivered directly to CNR for her consideration. 

Game Dates and Schedule

cap2con MMOWGLI Game Dates:  04-12 November and 02-08 December 2013

The cap2con MMOWGLI will consist of two weeks of game play.  The first round of the game will focus on exploring AC missions that are transferrable to the RC, opportunities for the RC to support the AC in new ways and associated challenges with implementation.  Attention will be on innovative, out-of-the box manpower configurations and mission set execution, challenging current constraints in support of the warfighter.  Participants will collaborate together on ways to combat constraints and elaborate on opportunities to generate new solutions.

During the second phase of game play, the focus will be on fleshing out the concepts in the form of Action Plans.  Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate on the development of these Action Plans as well as assess their potential.

  • Big Picture: Let's get started! (04-05 November)
  • Identifying Active Duty Missions (06 November)
  • Exploring Reserve Component Capabilities (07 November)
  • Considering the Altnernative (08 November)
  • Utopian Outcomes (09 November)
  • Challenges in Implementation  (10-12 November)
  • Open Play: What other great ideas can we explore? (02-04 December)
  • Action Plan Collaboration: players finish, fine-tune their plans (05-06 December)
  • Final Voting on Action Plans:  What are our best paths foward? (07-08 December)

Game Resources

We are building a useful set of resources to help understand these challenges well.  Players are welcome to recommend contributions.

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