Capacity Capabilities Constraints (cap2con) Videos

Here are videos of interest that are used in the Capacity Capabilities Constraints (cap2con) MMOWGLI game

When appropriate, if a source link is on YouTube, we are working to provide alternate links to NPS servers as backups.

Contributors are reminded that all sources must be previously cleared for public release.

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cap2con MMOWGLI Call to Action (CTA)

This video describes player motivation for the Capabilities Capacities Constraints (cap2con) MMOWGLI Game, exploring closer ties between active and reserve naval forces.

Additional resource:  PowerPoint slide show describing game goals.

YouTube (NWDC)


Welcome to MMOWGLI This "bumper video" provides an invitation to play the MMOWGLI game


NPS .mp4

New Game Design Process for MMOWGLI The New Game Design (ngd) video illustrates the design process for conceptualizing and creating new MMOWGLI games.


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Production Credits


  • cap2con MMOWGLI, CTA Round 1 video: created in Adobe Premiere from video sourced at the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System (DVIDS), and background music sourced from the Free Music Archive of public domain and Creative Commons licensed songs. Produced by Mike Perron at NWDC.
  • cap2con MMOWGLI, CTA Round 1 presentation: original slideset and images were provided by NWDC.  Music provided by iTunes via the Final Cut Pro software.  The corresponding video was produced by Rebecca Law on the Final Cut Pro software provided by MacBook Pro. 
  • MMOWGLI Bumper Video prepared by Institute for the Future (IFTF), Palo Alto California.
  • ngd MMOWGLI: This video was produced by Rebecca Law on the iMovie software provided by MacBook Pro.   Music was provided by iTunes via the iMovie software.

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