Awards Quarters for em2 Overall

Awards Quarters for em2 Game Overall

Players, It is our pleasure to announce the overall winners for the em2 MMOWGLI game.

Our first-place awardee is A Cyber Fellow. This player played 592 cards, participated in 5 Action Plans, placed in the top two on the leader board for overall, Round 1, and Round 2 and provided us with helpful feedback on Round 3 Highlights Review.
Commendation de MMOWGLI Second place goes to Nevermore who played 558 cards, participated in 4 Action Plans, and placed in the top two on the leader board for overall, Round 2, and Round 3.
Achievement de MMOWGLI Third place goes to NavyGrade36Bureaucrat who played 351 cards, participated in 5 Action Plans, and placed within the top two on the leader board for Round 3.

BZ to these dedicated em2 War Gamers, and thank you all for the tremendous time and consideration you put into brainstorming our way to a achieving dominance within the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS).


The overall winner in the Action Plan category goes to Action Plan 14, Civil Cyber/EM Reserve Force. Authors of this Action Plan include: A Cyber Fellow, CV60, Rex, strkgru1820, WarEagle, Hooligan, and ArcingSparking.

The purpose behind crowd sourcing is to identify a viable solution to a problem. One of the biggest recurring problems observed and discussed throughout the em2 MMOWGLI game was that of education and training. Shifting the onus of constant readiness for a pending EA on our infrastructure to a civilian-trained workforce would free up our uniforms to become much more competent in the shipboard component of EW. This idea is innovative and completely viable, and might even increase the Navy's capability without a major financial investment. Way to think outside the box, authors! This idea will be fielded out to subject matter experts within the fleet to determine its viability and potential for implementation.

As the after-action concept reviews have shown for each of the last three rounds, there are MANY excellent ideas that are each being considered for feasibility and next steps.  Past concept highlights and game awards follow for easy reference. Thanks everyone for all idea cards, action plan concepts, comments, and votes... they have made a contribution.  Every player can be justifiably proud of their efforts.

  em2 MMOWGLI Game Summary
Round 1  Know the EM Environment: Understanding EM Energy
Highlighted Concepts Awards Quarters Call to Action
Round 2  Be Agile: C2 in the EM Environment
Highlighted Concepts Awards Quarters Call to Action
Round 3  Paradigm Change: Employment of EM Weapons
Highlighted Concepts Awards Quarters Call to Action


em2 MMOWGLI Post-Game Survey In addition to announcing the winners, we'd like to ask for your support one more time: please take the em2 MMOWGLI Post-Game Survey. Some of you have played in a MMOWGLI game before, and may have noticed some significant improvements since our first iteration. Please spend 10-15 minutes to take the survey, providing your honest opinion about MMOWGLI in general and em2 MMOWGLI specifically.  This is our first major MMOWGLI survey, so we hope to learn a lot.

If further em2 inspiration strikes you again someday, you are always welcome to contact us at for further discussion.

Thanks again, and be on the lookout for the next action-packed MMOWGLI headed your way soon!  As ever:  play the game, change the game.

All the best, the em2 MMOWGLI Control Team

Feedback requested on em2 MMOWGLI Round 3 themes

As we have done previously by looking at Round 1 themes and Round 2 themes, we'd like an extra "reality check" from you - the players - on our topic takeaways from Round 3.  Major themes (from our perspective) include:

Civil / military issues

  • Interagency national spectrum deconfliction / management effort
  • EM/Cyber militia augmentation force  - covertly recruit hackers / other IT professionals (USAF model)
  • Implications of EA conducted by Individual actors vs. nation state
  • Ask public (Generation Xers) to donate bandwidth / spectrum
  • Competition for cyber skills  - not enough money to pay our engineers what they deserve

EM education

  • Cyber attack curricula at NPS and academies
  • Distance learning
  • Cyber aptitude accession testing
  • Teach actual troubleshooting in "A" School vice the "google it" troubleshooting method
  • Realign acquisition process to include tech support in contracts

Combat ID and passive communications using QR codes

  • Codes embedded in camo uniforms, vehicle placards, scannable at distance
  • Covertly mark hostiles; safe passage for neutrals and non-combatants

EM Capabilities employed by undersea assets

  • Capitalize on capability of forward, sustained and stealthy employment of em2
  • Employment of unmanned assets launched from sub forces
  • Employment of spec ops teams to neutralize the adversarial hackers

What top-level emergent themes did we miss? Please direct any comments to - and this time, messages longer than 140 characters will be welcome! indecision

Thanks again for playing the game, and changing the game  Totally impressive work by everyone.  Analyzing all of these thoughtful inputs continues to be an intense and productive challenge with many expected go-forward activities. 

Best, the em2 MMOWGLI Control Team

Awards Quarters for em2 Round 3

Awards Quarters for em2 Round 3

Thank you to all our em2 MMOWGLI players for your participation! We'd like to recognize our Round 3 awardees.

The fundamental purpose of the em2 MMOWGLI game is for you - the players - to collaboratively develop ideas that can be considered in the Navy's formal tactical-development processes in order to produce real, improved fleet capabilities.  These awards continue to recognize work that is building well-developed, innovative action plans. 

Achievement de MMOWGLI MMOWGLI Achievement Medal (MAM) for Round 3 goes to multiple authors of Action Plan 37 which proposes an EM/Cyber defense joint task force to defend both civilian and military assets and infrastructure. The plan is an excellent example of collaboration; everyone was very supportive of one another and truly collaborated on the vision and put pen to paper. These players did a good job putting together an org chart describing how they envisioned the governing authority for such a plan. This is the most complete package of any of the Round 3 action plans. Bravo Zulu to:
Commendation de MMOWGLI

Action Plan 38, Creating the OODA Loop Advantage, is awarded the MMOWGLI Commendation Medal (MCM).This plan had the most involved players, and seemed the most interesting to the contributing authors. Some great discussion ensued. There was a spirited discussion of whether the OODA loop could be contained to EW/Cyber applications or if it was an overarching CWC theme. Kudos to:

Finally, the Legion de MMOWGLI goes to Action Plan 40, suggesting the use of a large QR codes for sending a message aloft to high-flying aircraft and unmanned assets. This was one of our few action plans that spun out of a SIPRNET site submission, so we won't cover the details here, but there was some good discussion and great ideas. We congratulate the authors on the extra effort required to populate the action plan elements on SIPRNET. Thanks to:

Action plan authors receive these specially-crafted badges of honor for display on their player profile.  Congratulations to all of our awardees!  Players can check out all of their stellar Action Plans, and send any further comments to

These game products form the core of concept development and experimentation that leads to future fleet capabilities.  Please stay tuned for the em2 MMOWGLI game's overall awardees, coming soon.

Once more, with feeling: congratulations to all our awardees! Play the game, change the game.

em2 Round 3 Complete

Round 3 of the Electromagnetic Maneuver (em2) MMOWGLI Game is complete. 

The em2 game remains open for read-only review by players.  Stay tuned for Round 3 analysis, award announcements, and the first-ever MMOWGLI post-game survey later in the week.

Game response has been tremendous, emphasizing the critical importance of these issues. Many thanks for your thoughtful contributions. We look forward to your further comments as we continue with post-game analysis.

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere...

Well, the traffic’s starting to pile up on the highway which means it must be time to head home for the day.  Hopefully, you’re headed home too and will spend some time on your evening commute contemplating where to take the Action Plan you started this morning or last week or even during Round 1.  Just no texting and driving… 

The end goal of em2 MMOWGLI is to reap some viable Action Plans that can be implemented into real-world solutions that will benefit the Fleet – to include you!  This is why so much emphasis is placed on the Action Plans and why you’re encouraged to contribute as completely as possible.

Now it is Friday…let us pause and celebrate!  As we enter the final weekend of game play, we will pull out all the stops and hope for the collaboration continue until 2359 (EST) Sunday night.  All Action Plans and all Seed Cards are open for editing, voting and commenting, so leave no stone unturned and no thought unthunk!

Your friendly neighborhood Game Masters have been patiently waiting to get their hands on the Action Plans and if they are not fully fleshed out by the middle of the weekend, we are not responsible for what may happen.  Player Nation, protect the sovereignty of your Action Plans and shore them up as shining beacons of hope for the Navy to implement when the dust settles and em2 MMOWGLI is put to bed.

Play the game, change the game…TGIF!!

Leaving Cyber Warfare to the Cyborgs

In Cimsec’s NextWar blog post today, "From Epipole to Cyber War," a metaphor is drawn between the modern Naval warfighter and those ancient soldiers sparring sword to spear on the bloody battlefields of the Peloponnesian War (414 BC).  What parallels might be drawn between sandal-clad war-mongering Athenians and Joe Sailor 2013?

Communication remains the crutch and the key… the proverbial double-edged sword.

Human capacity for processing millions of bits of information simultaneously has not evolved as quickly as that of the computers and autonomous systems we’ve built.  They are not yet enought to help us cope with the overwhelming amount of data to which we’re exposed, let alone disseminating that information in a timely fashion to those at the tip of the spear who need it most.  Redundancy is a human safety net that slows information flow down to the speed of maple syrup.  How many reports and PowerPoint slides and official messages must a critical data point hit before it reaches the end-user?  Far too many…

The blog muses, “as with the use of setting AEGIS doctrine to auto-respond to anti-ship missile (ASM) threats, cyber-warfare is far too fast for human operators.”  Are we holding on too tightly to the cyber reins?  Perhaps we neet to figure out how  to let automation do what it was designed to do so we can focus our tiny human brains on addressing bigger problems…like defusing a possible RED victory, perhaps!

Action Plans R Us

As we reach mid-week of this third and final round, we seek to take action with our brainstorming efforts through the creation of Action Plans.  It's time to tell how to turn good ideas into workable paths for success.

Card #4064 “How does the spectrum of conflict remain the same when EM energy is a primary means of warfare?” has generated a lot of great discussion, and is the perfect target for an Action Plan.   

If I may borrow from celticlight on card #4155 within that same chain, “Incorporated as a tactical advantage with other warfare, it would aid a seamless fight in achieving same end goal.”  That’s an assumption that just begs to be further refined into a plausible solution!

Card #4070 “What EM capabilities can undersea forces employ sooner, better, or with less risk than other Joint Force elements?” presents another exciting opportunity to explore the undersea environment and the potential for leveraging the EMS as a force multiplier to our silent service.  We’ve seen lots of play on this seed card, and the possibilities are truly endless.

Who will lead these final charges?

General Kehler STRATCOM Concerned about Cyber Warrior Shortages


U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) Commander Gen. Robert Kehler testified today before the House Armed Services Committee about his extreme concern "about the impacts of actual and potential budget reductions on our people.”

GEN Robert Kehler USAF

Kehler expressed concern that the Pentagon doesn't have enough people to do this job.

"Almost every modern technological device is reliant on the EMS. The commercial sector is now the primary driver of spectrum technology development which has led to an exponential increase in the availability of EMS-dependent devices and a global proliferation of emerging commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and dual-use technologies. This proliferation creates competition with the military's required access to the EMS and potentially pits economics against national security needs. USSTRATCOM is working with the Services, Joint Staff, and OSD to engage the whole of government to develop a cooperative way ahead to secure spectrum access."

Read on to find out what others have to say about the investment area of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

The Lonely Seed Card

You may feel as though the CNO's Proceedings article "Imminent Domain" has been referenced here in the em2 MMOWGLI blog thousands of times, but it’s for good reason.  It provided the very basis for the seed cards that have shaped the game play over the course of all three rounds.

Your contributions to the development of innovative concepts in every interest area generated by the article have been significant, but there remains one more that can use some additional focused effort: Card 4069, Security of Remote Maintenance and Reach-back Support.

Go pay a visit to this card in the game, then select View Card Chain. The following image shows a snapshot, hopefully it keeps growing.

So please check it out, and build on this idea please. We seek your spirited opinions, your bright new ideas, your salty dog expertise… contribute today!  Let’s ensure we expand, counter, adapt and explore this card chain. A reach-back capability (RBC) has the potential to be a significant force multiplier, providing an afloat Strike Group or an embedded boots-on-the-ground expeditionary team with EMS leverage to achieve their mission.  Level up, change the game!

Change Our Paradigm - Future Electomagnetic Spectrum Operations


The CNO wrote in his December 2012 Proceeding's article "Imminent Domain" about the importance of changing the U.S. Navy's paradigm to enable command of the EM-cyber environment.  We must begin treating the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) as a primary warfighting domain, and change our approach to planning and coordinating operations in the EM-cyber environment in "real time" alongside air, land, and maritime operations.  This will require significant paradigm shifts from the most senior leadership to the most junior operators.  Maybe it even starts beyond the chain of command, with commercial and international use of EM.

As warfare is conducted more regularly in the EM spectrum and cyberspace, it will become more critical for the Fleet to remain agile.  What does this look like?  Should we restore and expand use of former capabilities that were prematurely abandoned, or should we look for ways to expand the range of frequencies used by current systems? Perhaps we should consider spectrum sharing as the key to tapping into underutilized portions of the spectrum. These are the questions that emerge from such a challenge.

During em2 Round 3, we hope to move past the conversation of how we might affect change in the command and control of em maneuver.  It is time to look at how we can influence the preparations, planning and actual operations needed for Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare.

  • What will define dominance of the electromagnetic spectrum?
  • How will we know when we've reached it?
  • How do EM capabilities help us in challenging areas like early operations in anti-access environments?
  • What factors should unit COs, Fleet planners, and others consider when deciding to pull an EM/cyber capability -- or a more traditional weapon -- from the arrows in their quiver?
  • How does the "battlefield" change now that the civil sector, individuals and various organizations around the world can manage their own electromagnetic firefights?
drop zone

Thought products and follow-on efforts from the em2 MMOWGLI game can help our leadership look 10 years into the future, and perhaps we'll even realize that the pivot point began here and now.  If so, the course of future success may ultimately depend on the ideas and plans that we complete this week.  We stand upon a precipice much like that of the mid-20th century, when the Navy realized that the undersea domain was the next frontier.  Now, however, the EM-cyber environment is just beginning to be more visibly evident to (and more heavily utilized by) our adversaries and commercial counterparts.  The situation won't stand still. 

This is a shining opportunity for the Fleet to plan and secure the advantage in an environment that is still relatively unexploited.  To achieve future dominance within the EMS, to be prepared to take smart steps, we must leverage the most highly valued capability of the Fleet today: the knowledge and innovation of ourselves, our shipmates and our colleagues.  Please review what they're saying, and respond by telling what you think.

Once again, thanks for all contributions.  Play the game, change the game!

Armed With Science blog entry - em2 MMOWGLI

Armed With Science

There is a wonderful post on the ARMED WITH SCIENCE blog that describes the em2 MMOWGLI game, highlighting the experiences and opinions of an expert player.

Playing the game!

Awards Quarters for em2 Round 2

All Hands:  announcing the awardees from em2 Round 2!

The fundamental purpose of the em2 MMOWGLI game is for you - the players - to collaboratively develop ideas that can be considered in the Navy's formal tactical-development processes in order to produce real, improved fleet capabilities.  These awards continue to recognize work that is building well-developed, innovative action plans.  

The top Action Plans for em2 Round 2 follow.  Drum roll please:

Achievement de MMOWGLI MMOWGLI Achievement Medal (MAM) goes to multiple authors of Action Plan 28 discussing EM commander roles and responsibilities.  This forward-looking plan has excellent author collaboration and many thought-provoking comments.
Commendation de MMOWGLI

MMOWGLI Commendation Medal (MCM) is a three-way tie that recognizes a matched set of plans exploring optical-communication possibilities for surface units and unmanned systems, with a shared goal to reduce reliance on RF communications.

Legion de MMOWGLI goes to   goes to Action Plan 30, which proposes to develop alternate sources of precision, navigation, and timing information to alleviate our dependence on GPS. 

Action plan authors receive these specially-crafted badges of honor for display on their player profile.  Congratulations to all of our awardees!  Be sure to check out all of their stellar Action Plans, adding your comments to each plan is also welcome.

We are all looking forward to everyone's Round 3 ideas.  Brainstorming and innovative ideas explored in card play leads to the creation of Action Plans that are achievable in the real worldThese game products form the core of concept development and experimentation that leads to future fleet capabilities. 

There remain a number of promising action plans from Rounds 1 and 2 that have a lot of promise, but also a few holes...  We invite you to continue building out these plans.  Round them out and extend them.  In addition to the Round 3 awards, further awards will be given for  the best overall em2 Action Plans, so everything remains eligible for improvement and competition.   Play the game, change the game!

This coming week is your third and final opportunity to explore the em2 game challenges.  Every thoughtful contribution is helping our Navy.  Good luck! 

Feedback requested on em2 MMOWGLI Round 2 themes

Round 2 is a wrap! This week, we encourage you to consider the central themes that emerged from Round 2 play.

Players who registered to play em2 MMOWGLI Rounds 1 and 2 will receive an email with a more complete description of the takeaways which are summarized below.  We welcome players to suggest any additional key themes from Round 2 via email sent to

If you did not play in Round 1 or 2, please register now to play the game for Round 3 at

Time to take stock    

  Round 2 themes of interest

  • Training-enabled mission command                                         
    • Prepare commanders / subordinates for degraded C2 operations
  • Degraded C2 enablers across the DOTMLPF spectrum
  • Metrics for EM exercises
  • Roles / responsibilities of an EM commander
    • Command node staff composition / skill sets
  • Rules of engagement for EM, EW, Cyber operations
  • Retention of sailors with critical EM skill sets
  • Optimizing operations for reduced emissions including EMCON and min-RAD postures
  • Hacker defense
  • Alternative sources for positioning, navigation and timing
  • Alternative communications paths

The third and final week of em2 MMOWGLI will focus on changing the paradigm of how we operate within the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS).  It is poised to be the most electrifying round of game play yet!  Be sure to encourage your friends and colleagues to check out em2 MMOWGLI - don’t let them miss out.

The em2 game goes live again for the LAST ROUND on Monday, 4 March. Play the game, change the game!

Don't Forget the SIPRNET Discussion

As we wind down the C2-focused phase of our em2 MMOWGLI game, please remember to check out the parallel high side discussion.  Today we had new SIPRNET posts expanding on the ROE and EM signature card and action plan discussions.  I urge all government players with SIPRNET access to log into the SIPRNET MMOWGLI discussion site on the Navy Center for Innovation bloglist page, hosted on the Fleet Information Management System (FIMS).  The URL is the one posted at the top of each game screen:

Remember, you must have a FIMS account, and be logged in, to access the MMOWGLI blogsite.  FIMS registration is a quick, automated process and should only take a moment after navigating to any of the FIMS pages and clicking on the register link in the upper right hand corner.   We are also required to limit the MMOWGLI blog site to government civilians and military only.  Note that the government-only restriction does not apply to the other Navy Center for Innovation pages, and all players with SIPR access are encouraged to explore the site while on the high side.

Thanks for your support of Navy innovation.

em2 Round 2 Complete

Round 2 of the Electromagnetic Maneuver (em2) MMOWGLI Game is complete. 

The em2 game remains open for registration and read-only review by eligible players.  Stay tuned for award announcements later in the week.  We'll be back on March 4 for the final round!

Action Plan Mania

NATO roundtable

Today is the day we take all the great ideas and concepts generated by the card discussions and focus our collaborative genius on the Action Plans.

Please peruse the current Action Plans and vote.  Don't forget to review the images, videos and maps.  Reviewing comments by other players, and adding your own comments, can be very helpful.  If you are really interested, you can ask the authors to help as a co-author.  You might also decide to take the conversation in a totally different direction, either in the Idea Cards or in your own Action Plan.

Authors please finalize your plans.  If you need more "thumbs up" then Invite your fellow players who've shown interest in your topic to vote.  Let's bring Round 2 to a close with a bang!

Remember, the theme for the next round of em2 mmowgli (starting March 4) is Paradigm Change: Tactical Employment of EM Weapons...  So let's rally and complete the C2 discussions with fully-fleshed out Action Plans that can serve as a solid backdrop for weapons employment.

Thumbs Up - Time to Vote on Round 2 Action Plans!

Greetings em2 MMOWGLI players!  The time has come again to rate Action Plans.  So, please take a moment to examine each of the Action Plans generated from Round 2 and tell us what youthink.  Your ratings matter!  To make this very fast process, we've added buttons for Next Plan and Previous Plan right next to your "thumbs up" scores.

  • 0 thumbs:  no vote
  • 1 thumb:   needs work
  • 2 thumbs: looks good, might work
  • 3 thumbs: looks great! make it happen!

If you have an idea for an Action Plan then great.  Remember it only takes one card, and hopefully another coauthor or two who are willing to help.

Seed Card Creation Open to Players

This week's theme, C2 in the EM Environment, has inspired numerous valuable insights and plans. Great job, everyone.  Impressive.

We are now ready to hear even more from you.  So far this week we've only used Seed Cards at the top level that were developed by the game control team.  Players are now able to introduce new topics, still related to this week's focus categories:

  • Be Agile: how do we adapt current DoD C2 approaches for EM Maneuver Warfare?
  • Commanding EM: how do we adapt current DoD C2 approaches for EM Maneuver Warfare?
Take a bearing!

Top-level "seed cards" are leading questions that are intended to spur conversation.  This challenge is for you to inspire other players, helping to unlock their different areas of expertise on the right questions.  What are the critical C2 issues for EM agility and EM command that need further exploration?

In some ways, these top-level questions are like the topic sentence of a paragraph or briefing.  They focus your fellow game players on a core idea or key issue that needs to be examined in more detail.  Authoring a good leading question can have a notable impact on the overall effectiveness of our efforts in the game.

Less is more - don't try for more than one or (at most) two top-level seed cards.  Look at what others are saying and thinking.  Give big ideas a chance to grow.  In some ways, top-level questions are like seed crystals intended to spur dialog growth in a particular direction.  Hmmmm.  What is missing from the em2 big picture?  Which em2 ideas from "Imminent Domain" provide still-unexplored challenges?  Whose em2 game discussions might lead to innovative Action Plans, charting new paths ahead?

Wargames are a deliberate team journey from the known towards the unknown.  Here we go, team.  For you game leaders, Seed Cards are how you can provide carefully chosen departure vectors for other  players to explore.  For you engineers pouring energy into a system of ideas, you're "turning the second derivative" to induce change... For you ship drivers:  take a bearing, shift your rudder, and steer us down a new heading!

This is your next chance to make a difference. Playing the game, changing the game.

p.s. Coauthor acknowledgements and thanks:  Jerry O'Donnell, NWDC

Operational Concept for Electromagnetic Battle Management (EMBM)

This Just In!


U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM) and the Joint Electronic Warfare Center (JEWC) have released their Operational Concept for Electromagnetic Battle Management.  There is a link to it posted on the FIMS site on SIPR, on the Navy Center for Innovation (NCI) blog.  Check it out!


Awards Quarters for em2 Round 1

All Hands:  as we kick off em2 Round 2 today, please join me in congratulating the awardees from em2 Round 1!

The Action Plans submitted were thought-provoking and indicative of the passion that our players have for the game challenges.  We are countering the ever-evolving challenges associated with achieving dominance over our adversaries within the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS).

Achievement de MMOWGLI MMOWGLI Achievement Medal (MAM) goes to the authors of Action Plan 14, Civil Cyber/EM Reserve Force for being the most innovative, out-of-the-box Action Plan.  Authors include: A Cyber Fellow, CV60, Rex, strkgru1820, WarEagle, Hooligan, and ArcingSparking.
Commendation de MMOWGLI MMOWGLI Commendation Medal (MCM) goes to the authors of Action Plan 13, Aligning Electronic and Cyber Warfare for being the most collaboratively diverse!  Lots of opinions being challenged in this Action Plan which yielded some excellent discussion.  Authors include: A Cyber Fellow, Rex, Met Master, ecurb, Gartney, Nevermore, WarEagle, Hob, and NavyGrade36Bureaucrat cool aka NG36B to his/her friends!
The Legion de MMOWGLI goes to the authors of Action Plan 11, Ad Hoc Networks for being the most complete example of collaboration.  This Action Plan appears to have received the greatest volume of innovative input, which is essential to collaboration.  Authors include: A Cyber Fellow, harpo, NG36B, CryptoSWO, WarEagle and robo123.

Awardees receive these specially-crafted badges of honor for display on their player profile. (More work for the software development team!) Players who participated in more than one award-winning Action Plan will display the highest award received on their Player Profile page.

Congratulations to all of our awardees; be sure to check out their stellar Action Plans! 

Looking forward to em2 Round 2 and more exciting game play this week. 

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