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Call to Action

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology (S&T) has partnered with US Army to develop the EDGE Virtual Training Program (EVT) platform to more effectively train the first responder community and directly address a high priority capability gap validated by the First Responder Resource Group (FRRG) and the National Interagency Board (IAB)

The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Modeling of Virtual Environment and Simulation Institute (MOVES) were brought on-board to identify and plan for the alignment of critical aspects to transition, socialization and implement for training platform.

There are many considerations for EVTP suitability for the responder community such as reliability, maintainability, availability, usability, supportability and interoperability.   The EVTP team will be addressing these elements in the technology development as well as working to aligning policy requirements; culture other discovered influences that may affect transition, implementation and sustainment of EVTP.

To this end we are leveraging this tool, the Massive Multi-player On-line War Game Leveraging the Internet (MMOWGLI) to explore specific local requirements for the pilot area of Sacramento as well as more generalized requirements for national application. 

Welcome to MMOWGLI- EVTP!  You have been invited because of your experience and specific expertise to play!  This game will be open for play December 19-21, 2012- from 7:30AM-7:30PM Wednesday December 19th, and 7:30AM-1:00PM on Thursday & Friday December 20th-21st.  The final day of MMOWGLI you will have an opportunity to help refine the recommendation or action plans.  The invited players of this game are local, state and federal responders, trainers and their supporters- you will have full anonymity in playing the game to elicit candid dialog and feedback.

The pilot scenario is an active shooter incident in a downtown Sacramento hotel.  The three disciplines that will be using this trainer for the pilot are fire, emergency medical and law enforcement.  The training will ultimately have 3 levels of training.  The first level is a single first person trainer for a specific discipline with other components depicted with artificial intelligence (AI).  The second level is a more than one person training from the same discipline with other responding disciplines depicted by AI and the third, most robust level is play across more than one discipline.  (Attached there is a graphical depiction on this 3-level vision).

While the scenario will be relevant to determine the specific tactical training objectives that will be best achieved by this platform, we also want you thinking about transition!  We would like you to be thinking about more global elements that will ensure the successful implementation of this training platform such as your specific ability to provide the technical assistance needed, DHS training requirements that may affect fiscal resources to support the tool, training areas that are appropriate, support from operational and IT leadership, responders acceptance to virtual training, evaluation of effectiveness, etc.  (If the policy doc pic I sent isn't too small- maybe that would be good here).

Your play in this game will be captured and incorporated into the program transition plan!  This is your opportunity to have your voice heard!  To collaborate and ensure that we are creating a tool that is truly what the responder community wants and needs!

Please view the quick YouTube video on how to play the game and let's get started!

Virtual Synergistic Intelligence Forum using MMOWGLI

Massive Multiplayer Online War-game Leveraging the Internet (MMOWGLI) is a messaging game developed by the Naval Postgraduate School MOVES Institute in partnership with a private sector organization, Institute for the Future.  This game is a crowd sourcing tool to generate and refine innovative ideas into action plans.  The notion is that in developing the appropriate ‘seed' cards for this discussion game, we will be able to better understand the conditions necessary and way forward to transition M&S solutions to the DHS training and exercise community.

This experiment will use MMOWGLI to address questions and develop action plans for a specific M&S solution, the EDGE Virtual Training Program (EVT).  EVT is a DHS Science & Technology project to develop a sustainable, web-based, multi-disciplined & multi-jurisdictional virtual training environment.  The environment will reflect first responder scenarios and training objectives. It is intended allow local jurisdictions to use the virtual environment with geo-specific terrain that will allow avatars to physically enter buildings.  It will also have accurate avatars and equipment to include relevant vehicles and tools needed for response. 

The virtual experiment team will consist of two researchers and faculty from NPS as well as a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) graduate student from the NPS Center of Homeland Defense & Security (CHDS) program. The MMOWGLI game will be scheduled to run for three consecutive days.  Data from the game will be compared to data from the face-to-face forums.



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  3. Integrate M&S solutions as integrating and emerging partners appear to be the right players and they have been engaged in pilots to address data and information sharing: Multi Agency Collaboration (MACE) August 2010 Environment 
  4. The Information Sharing Environment (ISE) is also a good collaborating resource.  There mission includes "build and deliver capabilities to manage, integrate and make sense of vast stores of information."  
  5. The Interagency Security Committee also has a very robust interagency membership and both a technology and training subcommittee that may already be engaged and aware in valued practices for M&S integration into DHS training & exercises.  Standards and Best Practices
  6. The Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) does that a product focus area for models, simulation & games.  There appears to be four products showcased on their site with the ability to request additional information.  Perhaps this could be a good spot to build out a repository.