2 hours left of play- 64 people registered and 263 cards played- 3 action plans

Good Saturday to all!  Thanks again for playing!  I will be spending the next few weeks digesting the comments and action plans to draft the transition plan for EVTP.  I have already heard directly from several of you and plan to stay connected! Thanks again and have a wonderful holilday!

249 cards played 63 registered users

Today, we saw a few more cards played and action plan 3 got some good attention from player Game On.  We also had 2 new players register, but the game is slowing down a bit.  We will be open through 7PM (PST) tomorrow- not sure if people will make time to sign on or will be out getting last minute holiday gifts:)  

If you do sign on- make sure to review the action plans!  We will be looking at all the play, but action plans are where we can really see the collaboration!  Have a great weekend & happy holidays!  Thanks for all your contributions and I hope to see some of you on tomorrow!

236 cards played- 62 registered users and 3 action plans

Thanks again to everyone for finding time in their day to play the EVTP MMOWGLI game!  We have had a lot of great discussion and now we need to start to really synthesize this discussion into reccomendations for transition, covering both what the platform needs to include as well as the socialization and management needed to really adopt and sustain this effort!  

Please view the action plans, comment and build them out!  Solid reccomendations by the end of Saturday are what we are looking to acheive!

Play the game- change the game!

Be sure to keep your eye on the leader board to see who is contributing the most and winning this game!

Extended Game Play

Good Day All!

Okay!  I am really loving all the discussion here!  You are all a gold mine of perspectives and will significantly impact the EVTP transition report!  So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  That said- the MMOWGLI team is going to make time for us to play a little longer!  This play will help us to have more discussion and really refine our action plans and reccomendations for transition!  The game will be open unitl 7PM- December 22nd!  

Play the Game to Change the Game!

3 New Action Plans Underway 206 cards played

Good Morning everyone!

So far this morning we have a total of 206 cards played.  The most players on this morning has been 12.  We hope to get more soon and are exploring extending the game through Saturday so we can capture more of your perspectives and really flush out some solid recommendations for the EVTP transition plan!

Balaji has sent out a broadcast notice that, if you see an action plan that you would like to work on, please contact him and he will add you as an author.  Authors were added based on cards played and just because you may have not played a card that formed into the plan will not prevent you from working on the action plan!  Please join in and help us to make these recommendations solid, realistic and achievable!

Play the game- change the game!  When the virtual training program becomes a regular training tool for our nation's responders, you can be proud that you were part of making it happen!

167 cards played today!

Great work everyone!  It has been a good conversation today!  Tomorrow we will work to find the synergy in all the information shared around the challenges and come to recommendations that will really help the virtual training platform move from a possibility to a reality!  Keep exploring- keep building up and refining the ideas put forth.  Your concepts and direction forward will drive the transition plan for this technology to succeed!.  We are making history in leveraging this crowd sourcing tool to inform technology develop and design to ensure a successful transition.  Rest well tonight and Play hard tomorrow! 

Playing the Game!

So far it's been really exciting watching everyone respond to the game today. He have had 33 people sign in today to play. The most people signed on at once so far has been 24- right now there are 21 people on and we have had 157 cards played on the 10 seed cards. Tonight our team lead will be drafting up action plans and inviting authors to start synthesizing our ideas into actual recommendations! Thanks to all of you for playing!!! Our top 3 participant leaders are Ladder6, Mickey Bennett and Beau! Play the game- change the game!

evtp game blog has arrived

Welcome aboard first responders!  This is the game blog for the evtp mmowgli game.  Further information about the workshop is available on the evtp game portal.

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