Fixes and Workarounds

This page describes a variety simple troubleshooting procedures that may  help with game play.

If ideas in the game have inspired you to build a great Action Plan with other authors, please fill out an Action Plan Request.

Basics of game play are described by the Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ).

If you don't find a fix shown below that addresses the problem you've encountered, then please ask us to help you by sending us a Trouble Report.

Sending a screen shot image (Windows "Snipping tool") via trouble report email can also help our team to duplicate, diagnose and debug a problem.

If you know that you are having network difficulties, you are also welcome to send a Performance and Playability Report.

This guide contains the following sections:

Game response locking up?

Sometimes game pages can become locked or inconsistent.  Such problems occur when your Web browser has incompletely loaded a game page due to a network interruption.  Things you can try:

  • Reload/refresh the page, allow time for network to respond
  • Logout/login to the game (if it lets you)
  • Close that tab and close the browser
  • Clear cache to remove all old/incorrect content from your browser (directions below)
  • Retry game login using the Games link on the portal menu bar, which always runs in 1 browser tab
  • Try a different path.  You can login via another browser, another computer, or another network

Getting kicked out of the game?

This can happen for similar causes, usually provoked by incomplete downloads from network timeouts.

  • Please only play MMOWGLI in a single tab in a single browser
  • Using the Games link on the portal menu bar always runs in 1 browser tab
  • The Refresh button can clear up some problems, allow time for network to respond
  • Try a different path. You can login via another browser, another computer, or another network

If you are still experiencing login cancellation problems, please clear your cache (to reset your local copy of game software) and follow the browser-specific hints below (in the Common Browser Problems section).

Account Confirmation and Password Reset

Each account in every MMOWGLI game is unique in order to protect player privacy.  Usually we limit each player to one player account.  (Game masters are guides who get two accounts so they can also Play as a Player.)

After creating a new player account, you must confirm your account via email response.  This confirmation prevents someone else from pretending that they might be you, and also verifies your eligibility to play.

Once you are confirmed, please use your player name to log into your MMOWGLI game (not your email address).

If you don't get a confirmation message, or if you still have a problem logging into your game account:

  • Please ensure that confirmation email from or is not or blocked by one of your spam filters.
  • Send a Trouble Report describing the problem to the game team
  • If your identity can be confirmed (typically by email) then game administrators can change your password
  • Once you are logged back into the game, please reset your password to something memorable and unguessable.
  • To change a password, click on your game name (shown in the upper right corner of the header bar) to review your Player Profile.

If instead you are trying to login to the mmowgli portal (where this page appears), please note:

  • Portal accounts are on a completely separate system, are usually only granted to game masters, and are based on email addresses rather than game names.

Thanks for all persistence. Play the game, change the game!

Navy Marine Corps Internet (NMCI)

In addition to help notes and tips below, here are some additional suggested steps for NMCI users.

  • Windows 7 browser launch: (1) Click Start, (2) Type the word Internet into the search bar, then (3) Select the Internet Explorer option that says 'No Add-ons'
  • When in doubt, Clear Cache and restart the browser

We don't have direct access to NMCI systems so any further hints or workarounds are welcome, we will share them here.

Mobile Devices: Tablets and Phones

Follow the mobile links on the Play page for mobile versions of the games.  If instead you use the regular game link on a mobile device, then the active screen you only see is only about 90% wide.

Text interfaces can also accept voice input for game play.  You may need to turn on voice recognition in your device (for example, enabling Siri on iPad).

Although originally designed to run on desktop or laptop computer browsers, we are happy to report progress in porting the MMOWGLI interface to mobile devices.  Other devices (like mobile phones) can partly work, but your mileage may vary (YMMV).  We are considering alternate screen layouts for future handheld support.

Email Addresses

As each player learns when creating an account, MMOWGLI provides protections and you have options regarding game-related email.

  • Mail sent via the game originates from (or else
  • You may also receive invitations to play from or other game masters
  • Troubleshooting tip: please ensure that these addresses are not blocked by your spam filters.

Privacy policy for email

  • Players can choose whether to "opt in" or "opt out."  Your Player Profile preferences indicate whether you receive mail "inside the game," in your regular email account, or both, or neither. 
  • The MMOWGLI game does not reveal your actual name or email address to other players when you send game mail.
  • If you signup to be notified when a game starts, the sponsor team may use that email address to contact you directly.
  • The MMOWGLI project treats Personal Identifying Information (PII) very seriously. We do not share private information from game accounts.
  • Further information on privacy can be found under Terms and Conditions.

Fixes for Common Browser Problems

The MMOWGLI game software takes advantage of software designed to run equivalently on all major Web browsers.  This usually works well, but some quirks persist.  One good workaround for diagnosing or avoiding many problems is to try playing MMOWGLI in a different Web browser.

Here are some issues that we know about.  We're always looking at possible improvements. Detailed trouble reports or workaround fixes are welcome.

Allowing Popups for Game Play  

Inside each MMOWGLI game, many help and information buttons link to this portal.  We want them to appear in another browser tab, so that your primary screen of game play is uninterrupted. 

Sometimes the popup appears in a separate window, depending on your web-browser settings. Even though the mmowgli game tries to "play well with others," different browsers have different policies and different user preferences regarding popup handling or blocking.

If needed, be sure that your browser allows popups from websites and so that everything can be displayed.  We'll keep working to avoid this annoyance.

Specific Browser Quirks

     Google Chrome Issues

  • Google Chrome often fails to display embedded YouTube videos.  Follow the link "Can't see the video" for the video site providing alternate versions usually works.

     Windows Internet Explorer (IE) 9 and 10 Issues

  • Windows IE9 and IE10 are sometimes quirky, or may result in an error screen preventing you from logging in. To improve stability and responsiveness, you can change the mode of the browser to IE9 by selecting Tools - F12 Developer Menu and then Browser Mode: IE9 (or an even earlier version).  Please let us know if this helps or not.
  • IE9 seems reluctant to refresh pages or handle automatic content pushes so that you see changes by other players.  This is usually corrected by a page reload, or else by navigating away from a page and then back to it.  It may be that there are browser preferences which can help with this problem.
  • Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer are offered on 64-bit Windows machines.  Each has different idiosyncracies but the 32-bit version seems better behaved, so you might want to switch.
    • Default Windows location, either 32-bit or 64-bit machines: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
    • Alternative Windows location for 32-bit on 64-bit machines: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

Clearing Cache of Browser History

Sometimes players may see problems in the layout of the web pages. This can be caused by your web browser keeping some old data from the web server while also retrieving some new data. The mix of old and new data in your desktop's web browser results in web page layout problems.

This fix clears almost any problem.  You should clear your web browser's cache of old information it may have from the server. Restarting your browser afterwards sometimes helps too.

How this clearing of past data is performed depends on the browser you are using.

  • Apple Safari:
    • Desktop/laptop: Select the "Safari" menu and then the "Empty Cache..." menu item.
    • Mobile iPhone/iPad: Home, Settings, Safari, "Clear Cookies and Data"
  • Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9. To delete the browser cache in your version of Internet Explorer:
    • Click on the "Safety" tab in the toolbar and then select "Delete Browsing History" or alternatively
    • Select menu item "Tools" then select first tab "General" then select "Delete..." under Browsing History
    • Then ensure the box is checked for "Temporary Internet Files" and select "Delete"
  • Firefox. In order to clear the cache in Firefox:
    • Click on "Tools" in the header bar and select the "Clear Recent History" option.
  • Google Chrome. The easiest way to disable browser caching in Google Chrome is to use the "Incognito Window" mode, similar to IE's InPrivate mode:
    • Press CTRL + SHIFT + N to open up the relevant tab.
  • Opera. To disable Opera's browser caching completely:
    • Click the down arrow beside the Opera logo in the top left corner, or "Tools."
    • Select "Settings" and then "Preferences." This brings up an additional dialog box.
    • In this new dialog box, select the "Advanced" tab and then "History" on the left side of the dialog box.
    • Change the "Disk Cache" setting to "Off."

Map Editing in Action Plans

When editing the map associated with an Action Plan, a concurrency error has been discovered.  Multiple authors simultaneously editing a single Action Plan map won't change prior placemarks, but can interrupt each other.  You likely want to use "Talk it over" chat to alert other authors when you are editing the map.

Search Quirks

Search interface hung up Search button pressed

The search feature sometimes misbehaves intermittently.  

Workaround if the search hangs upon first launch:  press the Search button in the popup panel.

The problem only seems to occur on larger games when we are running across multiple clusters.

Select each of the images at left to view details.

    Initial freeze, no response      Press Search for results

Text Blocks in Action Plans

Action Plan history link

We warn if the size of Action Plan who/what/when/where/why text blocks is greater than 510 characters in each section, and also provide authors with a history of past entries so that they can recover prior ideas if necessary. We also allow somewhat longer (but not endless) entries for player comments on each plan.  MMOWGLI should not prevent you from saving longer text blocks.

Apologies if you draft a long masterpiece, only to have another author edit the plan and clobber your changes!  Check out the history link at the lower-right corner of each text block to see past entries.  Selecting a past entry from the history list may show that your prior version is retrievable after all. 

You may find it most reliable to do your action-plan authoring in a text editor or word processor, then copy/paste your words into the plan.

Action Plan history of prior edits

Parting Thoughts on Design and Fixes

We value your contributions, so thanks for being deliberate.  If in doubt:  please send a Trouble Report.

We have a number of protective features built into the game architecture.  For example, our first step for any data interaction is to "save new data in the database immediately, before anything else." We don't want to lose anyone's thoughtful inputs during a game.  You can use this design principle to your advantage when problems occur.  For example, Idea Card Chains and Action Plans are typically updated and published hourly as part of each MMOWGLI game.  So player data is usually retrievable, even if your browser is currently having difficulty.

Feel free to contact the MMOWGLI design team if you want to discuss further possibilities. MMOWGLI is an open-source platform, and we are considering how to better enable broad sponsorship and software contributions.

As ever:  play the game, change the game!

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