MMOWGLI, the Massive Multiplayer Online Wargame Leveraging the Internet, enables collaborative thinking and innovation.  Players build Ideas and Action Plans together on the Web. 


 Recently Completed Games

recruit reboot mmowgli, 25 April-13 May 2016

riptide mmowgli, Action Plan Phase: 1 February 2016

gen y mmowgli, 11 April 2016

pcc Professional Core Competencies MMOWGLI,  27 April-22 May 2015

     dd Data Dilemma MMOWGLI,  6 April -20 April 2015

Completed Games

am   Additive Manufacturing (U.S. citizens)
Game complete,16 SEP - 2 OCT 2013
blackswan   blackswan MMOWGLI (public)
20-23 JAN, 2-8 FEB 2015
bii    Business Innovation Initiative
(Navy, Industry) 14-28 July 2014
cap2con    Capacity Capabilities Constraints
Active/Reserve Force Strategies (Navy only)
 2-9 DEC 2013
dark portal    dark portal cyberwarfare (NDU only)
October-November 2013
nsc    NAWCAD 2030 Strategic Cell MMOWGLI
(by invitation) 12-26 November 2013

Games Used For Education

   Weekly:  Training MMOWGLI (on request)
   Course:  NATO maritime security, March-May 2015
   Course:  ndu National Defense University, April-June 2015

Completed Games

em2    Electromagnetic Maneuver 2013
(Navy & .mil, uniform & civilian)
energy    Energy Efficiency and Reduction (public)
Summer 2012
evtp    Edge Virtual Training Program
(invited DHS workshop) 2012
nps    MMOWGLI (formerly IG)
(NPS campus only) 2013
piracy    Piracy 2012 (invited experts)
plus Piracy 2011 Games (public)
UXV DM    Unmanned Vehicle Digital Manufacturing
(by invitation) 12-26 November 2013

Operational status:   RUNNING current MMOWGLI games, portal and mail server.  Some games are offline but Reports are available. Live games may use alternate address

Interested?  Office of Naval Research (ONR) has provided primary support for MMOWGLI with over a dozen other sponsors.  Extensive careful work has produced the open-source MMOWGLI platform.

Find a problem?  Inquiries are welcome.  Check out the Help pages, or please send us either a Trouble report or a Performance report to describe the issue.  We're keen to help - thanks!           

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