Video Resources

Video Resources for MMOWGLI #

Multiple video resources have been prepared for each game in the MMOWGLI project.

All of the MMOWGLI game Call to Action videos are listed here, archived in YouTube, typically .mp4, and .mov formats.

  • Game designer note: occasionally, NMCI blocks Navy users from viewing YouTube videos.
  • Links to alternate sites/formats are listed here and also appear beneath each video in the game.
  • When appropriate, commands can submit an Unblock/Exception Request to NMCI allowing Navy/USMC viewing.

Game video quick links: blackswan-videos, am-videosbii-videos, cap2con-videos, darkportal-videos, em2-videos, evtp-videos, uxvdm-videos

How to Videos #

Defense Video and Imagery Delivery System (DVIDS) #

YouTube Video Portal #

Game instruction videos follow. Play the game, change the game!

May 2012, Energy MMOWGLI game energy efficiency and consumption:

piracyMMOWGLI 2012 game for counter-piracy professionals:

Prior game rounds on piracy:

NPS Video Portal #

The NPS Video Portal is our long-term repository for MMOWGLI video products.

Archival backups of primary game assets:

  • MMOWGLI Orientation (aka Bumper Video) gives the invitation to play the MMOWGLI game
  • How to Play MMOWGLI narrated by Jeff Weekley provides a quicklook at how to play cards
  • Call to Action: Move 1 starring Wendy Walsh as Wendy Whitcomb at the fictional ''Elite Piracy Intervention Conference (EPIC)'', establishing player motivation for Move 1
  • How to Prepare an Action Plan
  • Call to Action: Move 2
  • Call to Action: Move 3
  • TODO: Add script narratives

Video assets that help players learn more about Somali piracy:

Content from Other Sources #

We allow YouTube links as part of collaborative Action Plan preparation. Other video sources can be linked via url.

We have collected a small amount of video for potential future use as part of the MMOWGLI Portal.

We plan to someday allow direct upload of videos by players. This is a sophisticated task, sponsor support is welcome.

Press Kit #

Certain high-quality assets can be provided to the press upon request.

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