Module 2: Threats

Hello NATO students! You may have already noticed something a little different about this week's maritime MMOWGLI.  I am a little under the weather an unable to record a Call to Action video.  In lieu of this, I have inserted a prior MMOWGLI video in place of where the Call to Action video would normally be.  Instead, we'll rely on the blog as a substitue for our video.

This week's theme is maritme threats, and one that is of particular interest to me. Maritme threats come in a variety of forms and often have varying effects regionally.  From piracy, to sea robbery, terrorism to IUU fishing, maritime threats are as complex as they are interdependent, and with the rise in globalization those who participate in the persistence of those threats are evolving their illicit groups into increasingly sophisticated networked organizations. 

This week we're asking you to think about the various maritme threats your region faces. If you're a land locked country, think maritime region.  In addition, we want to know a little bit more about how you effectively (or ineffectively) counter those threats.  What are the unintended consequences of countering those threats? What are the lessons learned?  What can others learn from your regional practices? If maritime security is not a national priorty, why not?  What is preventing it from making it onto your nation's security agenda?

Finally, in his presentation CDR Murphy speaks the future of maritime threats. We ask that you think about this too and add an Idea Card under the OPEN TOPIC category addressing this specific topic.

Thank you all again for the tremendous effort.  Your thoughts and ideas are contributing to a shared body of knowledge amongst your peers.

NATO MMOWGLI Game for Introduction to Maritime Securityshort course

NATO MMOWGLI Game for Introduction Maritime Security short course

NATO | OTANThis is the web log (blog) for the Introduction to Maritime Security course, the first of three courses that comprise the International Maritime Security program.

We use the MMOWGLI blog for game news, events, progress reports, and analysis.  Our slogan is play the game, change the game!


If you have any difficulties, please ask the instructor or send a Trouble Report.  We hope that you find the course enjoyable and productive.

Welcome to mmowgli

Welcome NATO students to NATO mmowgli!   NATO mmowgli provides a forum for information exchange and consensus decision-making over the next few weeks of our course.  Participants will asynchronously collaborate by responding to two top level questions.  Each week these questions will vary. 

This is the second time mmowgli has been utilized for course support for NATO. Our goal utilizing mmowgli is to experience how this type of gaming platform can be used for education, brainstorming, and addressing complex problems that NATO faces.  Crowd sourcing has proven to be a very effective way to find creative approaches to tough issues and participating in this mmowgli will give you a hands-on understanding of how this is accomplished.

So how do you get started?  Registration is quick and easy.  Follow these steps to get into the game and get started!

1. Visit the NATO mmowgli Welcome Page and select, "I'm New to MMOWGLI"


2. Pick a game name & tell us a little bit about yourself! (For the purpose of this game, you can use  your real identity as we are a small class and eachother's country of origin is critical to our collaboration. Don't forget to list your country of origin under "Location."


3. Log in and watch the Call to Action video!

Hint: Each week we will insert new a new Call to Action text next to the call to Action video.  

4. Now you're ready to play! Simply click on one of the two top Root Cards to contribute your responses.  To respond to other's ideas, choose from one of four categories: Expand, Counter, Explore, and Adapt.

Hint: If you have a question, suggestion, or difficulty please contact us via a Trouble Report or email myself or Wendy Walsh directly: and

Help     How to Play video     How to Win the Action video


Some game posts are reflected on Twitter
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  VisibleTweets has an animated replay.

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