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In an effort to include more of the campus in our process improvements recommended by the IG Report, the MOVES Institute has proposed to use crowd sourcing as a method to solicit input from both process owners and customers. MMOWGLI, the Massive Multiplayer Online Wargame Leveraging the Internet is an NPS research project sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). It lets large groups of people post ideas online via their Web browser in a practical, organized way. People play under an alias "game name" which provides privacy. You'll know that everyone playing is part of the NPS community, but you won't know just who each player might be. Before playing everyone must agree to the rules of engagement: no sensitive information, proper professionalism, respect for privacy, etc. This approach lets everyone speak their mind, listen, and be heard, without fear or hesitation.  Thanks for considering the issues and making a contribution.

To learn more and begin playing:  how NPS theses are performed and supported is the game theme for our first round.

Ongoing news is found on the ig game blog.


  • We are preparing to run an online ig MMOWGLI game for NPS faculty, staff and students, focused on recommendations and go-forward actions from the 2012 Inspector General (IG) report. 
  • The MMOWGLI game platform is designed to foster group innovation.  It allows people to consider issues of interest, anonymously build up chains of Idea Card comments in context, and collaboratively create Action Plan solutions.
  • How can NPS best respond to these challenges and opportunities to better fulfill our mission?  There are many possibilities to consider and pursue. Our first topic is ig Round 1 Theses.
  • Here we go.  MMOWGLI project slogan: play the game, change the game!


This work will likely be most effective if we begin with just a few selected topics of particular interest. Results and lessons learned from the first round of the game can then guide group examination of subsequent focus topics. 

Initial topics of interest: how NPS theses are performed and supported.  See ig Round 1 Theses for game design.

  • Recommendation 097-12 contains several thesis-related concepts: 1) Timelines and mandatory deadlines and 2) methods for pairing student and advisors.
  • Recommendation 098-12 encompasses the quality control aspects of theses. Together, these three topics represent a coherent set of issues having campus-wide interest.

Risks and benefits are an essential concern.  This game is conducted under an approved Institutional Research Board (IRB) Human Subjects Research protocol. 

Inspector General (IG) Report

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