Thanks for a great week!

Thanks to all players for a great week examining thesis issues.  Lots of excellent responses were provided by 60 players, and over 500 interesting Idea Cards will be reviewed by key leaders in the NPS Inspector General (IG) response team.

Meanwhile, you remain welcome to visit the ig mmowgli game to consider what has been said so far.

Want more?  Next week is the em2 mmowgli game on Electromagnetic Maneuver, please join in again if interested.  U.S. participation only.

Playing the game, changing the game... again thanks for all contributions.

One Good Idea Leads To Another

One more day of game play this week!  Now is your chance to comment on the NPS thesis process.

Here is an example of a fairly busy card chain.  Notice that the IG report recommendation appears first, then multiple players have reacted by posting ideas that either build, counter, adapt or explore the issue.

Here is a busy card chain!

Now let's take a look at an alternative view of the same set of ideas, but even deeper... select the View card chain button to the right of the parent card.

Now let's take a look at an alternate view of the same image...or Card Chain view!

If you hover your mouse over each idea, you can read the full point that each author has expressed.

Recent history:  at the dedication of Watkins Hall, Admiral James D. Watkins USN (Ret.) told of his time as a Navy Lieutenant learning Mechanical Engineering and performing thesis research.  He declared "NPS is where I really learned to think."  His career included many fundamental contributions to the submarine service, the Navy, and the nation.  It is hard to overestimate the importance of learning how to write a thesis.

What do you think?  Please take 15 minutes to look through the issues and suggestions - there are plenty.  Most people have questions or lessons learned that can benefit others.  Thanks for considering these important issues.

Super Active Card Chains

Greetings ig MMOWGLI-ers! Let's talk about Idea Cards.  The foundation of MMOWGLI begins with these 140-character (or less) cards and grows exponentially from here.  Under each Seed Card, players have the option to Explore, Expand, Counter or Adapt their ideas. As concepts are fleshed out and developed, idea chains begin to emerge. If a chain has gained enough attention, it can be designated Super Active by the game software, or Super Interesting by the game moderators, or as one of your Favorites.  You can also "follow" other players who you think have something to say.  This is where it starts getting... interesting!

Thus far in the ig MMOWGLI game we have 4 Super Active Card chains.  Not everyone agrees with the paths being proposed so far.  Here are top-level cards of particular interest:


Recommendation Card 2

Recommendation Card 4

Opportunities Card 44

Opportunities Card 50

Now that we're seeing some Super Active Card chains, contributing authors will be getting invited to begin to create Action Plans that describe next steps.  Keep the ideas coming and as the game, change the game!

ig MMOWGLI Motivation

Welcome to the ig MMOWGLI game!  Our focus centers on exploring how NPS can best respond to the challenges and recommendations from the Inspector General (IG) Report.  The game is exclusive to NPS faculty, students, and staff. The theme of this round is thesis related issues. (If you have written a thesis then you've had some issues, and if you haven't yet, you will!)

All kidding aside, the IG Report identified some critical areas of concern as they pertain to student thesis at NPS.  Rather than immediately enact new mandates to address these areas, NPS is seeking your input on these important matters.  Let's first look at how ideas are presented in the game.

Whether you are a first-semester student who has yet to decide on a research topic, a faculty advisor, or a student on the verge of graduation, the ig MMOWGLI game presents a unique opporunity for NPS students, faculty and staff to share their valuable experiences and knowledge.  Please help us engage in constructive idea generation about theses at NPS.  Ultimately, meaningful innovation is at the heart of NPS mission as an academic insitution.

Lend your opinion and experience to the ig MMOWGLI game and encourage others to do the same.  Play the game, change the game!

Welcome to the ig Game

Welcome to the next round of MMOWGLI:  the Inspector General wargame for NPS students, faculty and staff.

First and foremost:  please play the ig MMOWGLI game.  Your taking 15 minutes to look around and contribute can add a lot.

Our specific objectives for this game can be found on the ig theses Round 1 page.

Our overall goals for the game are found on the ig NPS MMOWGLI Game Design page.

"All of us are smarter than any one of us."  Looking forward to learning more together.  Play the game, change the game!

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Some game posts are reflected on Twitter
  to support improved player awareness.
  VisibleTweets has an animated replay.

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