pcc Professional Core Competencies MMOWGLI Game

All Naval officer accession programs are designed to produce officers with a basic knowledge of the Naval profession and to enhance moral, mental, and physical development. The Professional Core Competencies (PCCs) are the blueprint outlining those requirements. 

Your mission: review these competencies to revalidate current (and identify new) training requirements.  Core requirements are shown under "Current Competencies." "Future Competencies" are your opportunity to present fresh new ideas. If you ever thought "If I were in charge…" then here's your chance.

Interested?  Please join us Monday to play the pcc game.  We are running 27 April - 22 May 2015.

Note: 27 April- 8 May is for Officers and Senior Enlisted; 11-22 May OBOA members only.

According to the CNO's Navy Leader Development Strategy, "There is no higher priority than to develop effective Navy leaders." The Navy's accession programs are naturally the first step in this process. 

The PCCs set the education, training, and instruction requirements for:

  • United States Naval Academy (USNA)
  • Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC)
  • Officer Candidate School (OCS)
  • Officer Development School (ODS)
  • Direct Commission Officer Indoctrination Course (DCOIC)
  • Naval Science Institute (NSI)
  • LDO/CWO Academy

The composite of all classroom and practical instruction provides the basis for the sense of dedication and commitment to the Naval service and established personal standards of excellence which will remain with the graduate throughout the individual's professional career. Program emphasis is directed toward providing a foundation for future training, education and professional growth. 

pcc MMOWGLI is a massive multiplayer online wargame aimed at assessing the current competency requirements—validating appropriate requirements, modifying outdated items, and identifying shortfalls—and brainstorming new requirements for the officer of the future. The world we operate in is constantly evolving, and the preparation of our officers must keep pace. The exploration and adaptation of our expectations for basically trained USN and USMC officers will be essential to the effectiveness of our future military.

This wargame will serve as the foundation for the next Professional Core Competencies Manual. Once approved, the revised PCC Manual will prompt curriculum changes throughout the accession programs, improving the readiness of Junior Officer entering the service.