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mmowgli close out

MMOWGLI Closes Out; PCC HPRR Moves To Phase II



We asked for your input. We captured your insight. Now we are compiling the data as we move into Phase II of the Professional Core Competencies Manual Human Performance Requirements Review (PCC HPRR). Early results indicate some important changes are necessary to prepare Ensigns and Second Lieutenants to make an immediate impact when they enter the Fleet!

MMOWGLI Stats from the past month of game play include:

  • 711 Players registered from around the Fleet and world (players in 11 countries)
  • 3,072 Idea Cards played to enhance PCC conversations
  • 10 Action Plans generated for enriched discussions of PCC overhaul

Recommendation highlights for the new PCC Manual include:

  • Realigned PCC Titles
    • Rename/restructure current PCCs to better capture spirit of primary Navy and Marine Corps competencies
  • Standardized objectives within PCC for all Accession Sources
    • Ensure Ensigns and Second Lieutenants are Fleet-bound with equivalent understanding of PCCs
  • Ethics Deep Dive
    • Encourage robust study of ethics theories and current military, political, and cultural case studies
  • Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Communications Deep Dive
    • Prepare Ensigns and Second Lieutenants to think critically, make tough decisions correctly and timely, and communicate effectively

Next Steps…

  • Phase II (June 1-5): Academic SME’s craft a draft PCC, decision brief for OBOA consideration
  • Phase III (June 15-17): OBOA edits draft PCC Manual for ESC consideration
  • Phase IV (July 2015): ESC votes on final draft and signs PCC Manual update. PCC Manual published in August 2015

Again, we asked and you delivered! Your continued support during this “first-of-its-kind,” revolutionary HPRR process will make the PCC Manual a better product. THANK YOU for playing and sharing your knowledge, experience, and opinions with us. We could not have done this update without you!!

OBOA Member Homework

OBOA Member Homework

U.S. Naval Academy Midshipman 4th Class Javarri Beachum, from Port St. Joe, Fla., places a midshipman cover atop the Herndon Monument during the Herndon Climb. Each year, the roughly 1,000 members of the academy's plebe class form a human pyramid around the 21-foot Herndon Monument to remove a plebe hat, or dixie cup, that upperclassmen have placed on the top of the obelisk monument which is covered in lard. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Nathan Wilkes (Released) 150518-N-TO519-474

Thanks for all of your MMOWGLI participation thus far! Lots of great discussion taking place that will contribute immensely to our ultimate deliverable. Now here's a homework assignment to help focus our MMOWGLI efforts to update the PCC manual.


Please read the following questions. See your email for instructions on how to respond.  Due Date: Wednesday, 20 May 2015.

  • If you were updating/rewriting the PCC manual (and yes, we are) - how would you broadly organize it?
  • What would your (3-10) major functional areas be?
  • If you have an additional (or renamed) PCC major area - briefly describe what area(s) it replaces/combines and what you envision binning under it.
  • Any supporting logic/background you have for your moves will also be appreciated.


2011 PCC (current) Major Areas 2001 PCC Major Areas

Professional Core Competencies (PCC) Manual

  • Academic Standards
  • Leadership & Management
  • Programs & Policies
  • Military Customs, Traditions, Regulations
  • Naval History
  • Naval Warfare
  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Technical Foundations
  • Maritime Proficiency
  • Academic Preparation
  • Leadership & Management
  • Sea Power & Maritime Strategy
  • Personal Excellence and Fitness/Wellness
  • Technical Foundations
  • Shipkeeping, Navigation, and Seamanship

Are you up to the task? Thanks for your thoughts and insights.  Play the game, change the game!

mmowgli Wargame Update for Round 1 Fleet Players

mmowgli Wargame Update for Round 1 Fleet Players

Sailors from Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit (EODMU) 8; Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 28, Det 1; and EOD Training and Evaluation Unit 2 conduct special patrol insertion-extraction technique training near Naval Station Rota, Spain. The training helps Sailors prepare for contingencies in which U.S. special operations and expeditionary forces need to quickly extract from areas where helicopters cannot safely land. U.S. Navy photo (Released) 150507-N-ZZ999-001Thank you again for your great contributions during Round 1! We wanted to take a moment to update you on just how impactful your hard work has been:

  • Continued discussions in core competencies such as leadership and management, programs and policies, and fitness and wellness
    • Mentorship
    • Coordination between accession programs
    • PRT Standards
  • Created new seed cards to discuss eliminating certain PCCs as well as directly targeting general deficiencies seen in O-1’s joining the Fleet
  • Call for an overarching action plan to better align the new PCC Manual with the Navy Leader Development Strategy

The OBOA round (Round 2) will continue for one more week before analyzing all collected data by academic advisors from each accession program. These advisors will develop a draft proposal for the new PCC Manual based on all the input provided in this game.  

The OBOA will review the data summary, draft a plan, and make any changes or modifications before sending it to the Executive Steering Committee (ESC).  Once the ESC is briefed on the data collected and sees the draft PCC Manual, they will vote to accept the draft or recommend further changes.

Again, thank you for participating. Your involvement and input is the foundation for future Officer training!

Maximizing Your Time with The Reports Page

Maximizing Your Time with The Reports Page

Dear OBOA Members,

It has been a great first week of play! Your contributions to the war game thus far are being captured and discussed among the Game Masters and will set the stage for Phase II of the PCC HPRR.  As we head into the weekend, we want you to make the most of your time in the PCC mmowgli game.  We realize that the overwhelming number of cards can be difficult to navigate.  Don't worry.  We've got you covered!  Before we move into ways to maximize your time in the PCC mmowgli game, we have a few reminders.

  • Remember the game has been extended until Friday, May 22nd.  With all the great insight coming in, we wanted to keep the momentum going!
  • Do not hesitate to use the weekend to continue to play idea cards and remember that Action Plans are a great way to start putting these ideas into implementation!
  • Also on Monday, May 18 and Tuesday, May 19, we will be holding DCO meetings for you to join in and provide input in a real time, phone conference forum. Details regarding these DCO’s were sent separately by LCDR Michael Keppen. We look forward to hearing from you all!

Maximizing Your Time with the Reports Page

As you can imagine, the number of cards in any given mmowgli game can be overwhelming to players.  Clicking through individual cards and card chains can often be difficult and tedious.  Because of this, we've worked hard to put together the mmowgli Reports Page. The mmowgli Reports Page is your quick overview of all Idea Cards and Action Plans played so far in the game.  While you can certainly flip through individual Idea Cards, card chains, or view the entire spectrum of cards played in the Idea Dashboard, the Reports page allows players to view Idea Cards in an organized template. 

To access the PCC mmowgli Reports Page, simply select "Reports" on the footer bar, anywhere in the game. Or add "pcc/reports" to the game url.


Once you are on the Reports Page, you can select either Idea Cards or Action Plans to view.  Additionally, you can export the game text to html or xml which might be helpful for papers or reports!

pcc MMOWGLI Game Reports

Here, you'll notice that Idea Cards are grouped together by "family" as well as colorcoded and indented.  By scrolling over the text, you'll discover the tooltip that appears, allowing you to read the entire Idea Card. 

pcc Game Reports: Idea Cards, Current Competencies

Action Plans are also available in the Reports Page.

pcc Game Reports: Action Plan 3

Now that you know what the Reports Page is and how to use it, we hope you'll be able to jump right in and play the game, change the game!

Critical Thinking and Effective Communication

150512-N-SQ432-316 ANNAPOLIS, Md. (May 5, 2015) Midshipmen from the class of 2018 run across the Naval Academy bridge during the class of 2018 Sea Trials event at the U.S. Naval Academy. Sea Trials is a capstone event for the freshman, or plebe, midshipman modeled after the Marine Corps' Crucible and the Navy's Battle Stations recruit programs. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jonathan L. Correa/Released)

Critical Thinking and Effective Communication

We Know Critical Thinking And Effective Communications Are Important… But What Do They Really Mean? And How Do We Develop The Traits In Our JOs?

As we continue to dig into MMOWGLI and provide insight and input for improvement of the PCC Manual, let’s take a closer look at two components that are growing more and more important: critical thinking and effective communications.

What does critical thinking mean to you? What does it mean to a JO new to the Fleet? How can we make sure the two align with one another and the PCC Manual?

What are effective communications? Are Fleet standards aligned with the JO’s mentality of today? Again, how can we make sure these two align with one another as well as the PCC Manual?

As a reminder, USNA Curriculum and Admissions Policy and Midshipmen Academic Major Policy are established and governed by an authority higher than the PCC Manual. For the purposes of this discussion, let’s focus on critical thinking and effective communications as functions of the “leadership and management” core competency. Look to cards 205 and 206 to continue the conversation.

What Is Expected of The OBOA This Week

What Is Expected Of The OBOA This Week?

What is the goal of this war game?? After spending the last two days getting logged in and familiar with the MMOWGLI PCC game, you may be wondering what, exactly, is the point? How will my contributions be incorporated? What's the next step?

The answer is two-fold:

In an effort to augment and overhaul effectively, we want to solicit input from our leaders in the Fleet. We want you to identify valid components of the JO curriculum as well as components that are no longer relevant. Your contributions in the MMOWGLI portal help us capture these ideas; your insight is crucial!

We realize this tasking is broad, so as not to be evasive, please use the following thoughts to guide your inputs and actions through the remainder of play:

  • This PCC update should align to and incorporate elements of Navy Leader Development Strategy (NLDS) 
  • NLDS core elements in play for PCC are primarily "Training and Education" vice "Experience and Personal Development"
  • Identify your top 1-2 JO development gaps not being adequately addressed by current PCC
  • Identify any current PCC areas/items that should be eliminated as they are no longer relevant
  • Some items could potentially be pushed from PCC top line (accessions training) to community pipelines
  • Current bins/titles (major competency areas) are not sacred - can be updated for organization/prioritization
  • Cards 2623 and 2624 are great places to start new threads of ideas if you are thinking outside the scope of the current listed topics
  • Use the Action Plan function if you already have a specific PCC update (or other Officer HPRR action item/initiative) fleshed out and ready for potential implementation


We have extended the game until next Friday, May 22nd to get your best ideas and insight into MMOWGLI for implementation and future influence!

Continue the good work and contribution!

Thank You for Participating

Thank You for Participating!

We have reached the end of our allotted time for this pcc MMOWGLI Game session.  The game design teams wants to take a moment and thank all of you for taking the time to participate.  We truly appreciate the time and thought that so many of you have put into your comments and replies.  

The pcc Game Reports show that during the past two weeks of game play we have had nearly 700 players enter 2450 Idea Cards in the game, leading to 9 Action Plans proposing new paths forward.  The Idea Card Sunburst Visualizer depicts the cards played in graphic form.  We can explore idea activity and "drill down" to see which topics received the most discussion.  One of the hottest topics was Leadership & Management and ideas about mentoring.


SAN DIEGO (May 7, 2015) Capt. Robert A. Hall Jr. departs the amphibious assault ship USS America (LHA 6) following the ship's first change of command ceremony. Capt. Michael W. Baze relieved Hall as the commanding officer. America is the first ship of its class and is optimized for Marine Corps aviation. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Michael McNabb (Released) 150507-N-AC979-283You may be wondering what will happen next, and how your thoughts, comments and action plans will be used now that your part in the game is over.  The next step in this process is for the members of the Officer Board of Advisors (OBOA) to spend a week in game play.  They will see the cards and action plans that you have played, and have a chance to read, respond and add their own thoughts and action plans.  

At the end of their week of game play, we will take all the data collected and it will be analyzed and reviewed by teams from each commissioning source.  These teams will develop a draft proposal for the new PCC manual based on input provided in this game.  The OBOA will review the data summary and draft plan and make any changes or modifications before sending the draft to the Executive Steering Committee (ESC).  Once the ESC is briefed on the data collected and sees the draft PCC Manual, they will vote to accept the draft or recommend further changes.

So you see, your input is central to any changes that are made.  This is why your participation is so important to us.

Again, we thank you for the time you have taken to participate.  We could not possibly end up with the right end product without your input!

Round 1 Closes Sunday Night

Round 1 Closes Sunday Night

All ashore that's going ashore!  This is your last chance to vote and comment on pcc Professional Core Competency Action Plans. How can the Navy and Marine Corps best prepare new officers joining the Fleet?

A diver at the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center returns to the surface of the Aquatic Training Facility during dive demonstration at a Year of the Military Diver event. U.S. Navy photo by Anthony Powers (Released) 150506-N-CD100-007
  1. One thumb up: needs work, doesn't ring the bell...
  2. Two thumbs up: good work, worth thinking about...
  3. Three thumbs up: outstanding, deserves implementation!


Thank you players for your great efforts.  Your vote counts, and your voices are being heard.  

Next week (11-15 May) a private second round of pcc MMOWGLI continues with the Officer Board of Advisors (OBOA).  This group includes 3 dozen senior leaders who consider the needs of the Navy and everything said so far, continuing the formal review process for these important issues.

Stand by for further reports later this month on what has happened, what happens next, and which players made award-winning contributions.

Play the game, change the game!


Exercise Your Right to Vote

Exercise Your Right to Vote!

Dear pcc mmowgli players,

Thank you for your tremendous efforts so far! As the Game Reports show, we've created over 2200 Idea Cards and 8 Action Plans. We're currently moving toward finishing the Action Plan phase of our game, and we wanted to ask for one more push.  We need you to exercise your mmowgli right to vote! Each Action Plan possesses two metrics: the average rating of the plan (what everyone else thinks about it) and your rating of the plan (what you think about it). 

ATLANTIC OCEAN (April 18, 2015) - Lt. Joshua Roaf looks through a sight glass aboard the guided-missile cruiser USS Anzio (CG 68). The ship is participating in Joint Warrior, a United Kingdom-led training exercise designed to provide NATO and allied forces with a unique multi-warfare environment in which to prepare for global operations. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Abe McNatt/Released)

  1. One thumb up: needs work, doesn't ring the bell...
  2. Two thumbs up: good work, worth thinking about...
  3. Three thumbs up: outstanding, deserves implementation!


We want to hear from you! Please take the time to read though the 8 Action Plans and tell us what you think.  Hint: you can earn points for voting!

What is Our Intended Outcome?

What is our intended outcome?

I’m sure many of you who have been participating in this MMOWGLI PCC game have asked yourself at one time or another what’s the bottom line?   What is it the organizers of this game want to walk away with when this is over?

Let’s start with some basic background information.   What is a competency?  A competency, as used in the PCC Manual is a skill or group of skills in which someone can be measured as being competent or incompetent.  Core competencies are the areas of expertise fundamental to a particular job or function.

Hopefully, you have seen (and used the link to the PCC Manual – here is again in case you haven’t).   The PCC Manual is a joint product of the United States Naval Academy and the Naval Service Training Command.  Its purpose is to delineate the approved professional training requirements which are then used as guidance in the creation of curriculum.  Every three years we review these training requirements to ensure they are still valid to the Fleet.

At the end of the current review, we would like a consensus on not only whether the current competencies are valid, but are they in line with the Navy Leader Development Strategy recently released by the CNO.   Here is Officer Chart from the Outcomes document:

Remember, our focus with the PCC Manual is the 01 level.  So, let’s focus for the next two – three days on the CURRENT Competencies list.  Are they valid?  Should they be removed? Do they need to be modified in some way?   These are the questions we need you to consider when you look at the Current Competencies.

Remember, we aren’t here to change policies, that is beyond the scope of our mission.  We can add a competency (skillset) if we think one is missing, we can remove competencies we don’t feel are necessary, we can modify competencies to be broader or more specific.   We only have 3 days left, so let’s make this happen!

Pick an Action Plan or Create One

Pick an Action Plan or Create One

We have more new action plans!  Please continue to get involved with the discussion, things are getting more and more interesting.

Players and game masters can learn more about Action Plans by:

  • Action Plan Video: How to Win the Action
  • Action Plan 1. PLAYER FAMILIARIZATION. Action plans describe how to solve game challenges and achieve our motivating goals. This action plan provides example guidance for new players.
  • Action Plan 2. PLAYER FAMILIARIZATION. How can game masters best moderate to help players engage, learn and contribute in the game?

Ideas are always good, but then how do we best go forward?  Several pcc Professional Core Competencies Action Plans have started and more are getting requested.  Here's what got started during week one:

Take Action with Action Plans

120712-N-IK959-278 NEWPORT, R. I. (July 12, 2012) Navy Junior ROTC cadets maneuver their four-man 19-foot Rhode 19 sailboats during a sailing regatta on Narragansett Bay off Naval Station Newport. The regatta was part of the 2012 Navy Junior ROTC Area 4 Leadership Academy/Sail Training July 2-13. More than 140 cadets from 54 high schools in New England, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and eastern Pennsylvania, took part in the two-week event. The academy each year trains cadets to be the senior leaders of their units for the upcoming high school year. (U.S. Navy photo by Scott A. Thornbloom/Released)

If you want to read all of these in one place, the pcc Action Plan Reports are updated hourly.

Send an Action Plan Request if there is an Idea Card Chain in the game that is examining a topic you want to explore.  Tell us your initial "who what and how" plus the names of other players who can help.

Here is your chance to change how things work.  Play the game, change the game!

From Idea Cards to Action Plans

From Idea Cards to Action Plans

Hello players!  Thank you for your continued contributions throughout this week.  So far, over 1500 Idea Cards played. We wanted to take this time to introduce you to the next phase of mmowgli-Action Plans.  What are they?  How do you create one? Why are they important?

Action Plans are the who, what, why, when and where of one, single Idea Card.  An Action Plan is your opportunity as a player to tell us more about your idea.  In an Action Plan, you are not restricted to 140 characters or less.  In addition, you can even add images and video to enrich your plan. 

Action Plans are important because they are another way to win generate points!  Innovation Points begin to rack up when you create an Action Plan and/or contribute to them.  There are many ways to collaborate on an Action Plan without being an author.  For example, players can contribute their knowledge by adding to the Comments section of an Action Plan.  Players can also vote on the quality of the Action Plan.

Also, Action Plans with a red number need expertise! These are just a few of the ways you can contribute!

Know that you know what an Action Plan is how do you create one?  Simply select the Trouble Report link at the bottom of the game page.  Within the first paragraph, you'll see a link on how to create an Action Plan.  Fill out this form and your request will be answered shortly. 


In the end, collaboration on Action Plans is what MMOWGLI is all about.  Generating "knowledge accidents" and making them a concrete plan.  Thanks for your continued contributions.  Play the game, change the game!

MMOWGLI Navigation Tips

MMOWGLI Navigation Tips

Hello PCC MMOWGLI players!  So far we've had an excellent response to the opening of the game. As you contribute your ideas, we'd like to offer you some navigation tips to help you find your way around the game.  As always, if you have any questions, concerns or comments, please don't hesitate to fill out a Trouble Report.

Idea Dashboard:  This button allows players to view every card that has been played in the game to date.  By scrolling over the text in the cards, you will notice a tooltip that displays the entire text of the card.  This way you don't have to individually click through every, single card to get caught up.  Next, you'll notice there are a number of filters in place.  If you're only interested in Counter cards or Super-Active card chains, you can display just that set of cards in the game.  The Idea Dashboard is extremely helpful if you've come into the game a little late and need to get caught up!

View Card Chain:  The Idea Dashboard gives you a macro overview of all the cards played in the game, the View Card Chain button gives you the micro.  If you're participating in an Idea chain that becomes lengthy, this button allows players to view all the cards that have been played in this thread.  Cards are color coded and indented to quickly give a visual indication of each card type and relationship to the Parent card.


Marking Favorites:  In MMOWGLI, you may find yourself having favorite cards or ideas.  There's a way to mark those cards in the game so you can quickly identify them.  In the upper right-hand corner of each card is a white star.  Simply click on the star to mark that card as a favorite.  The color will change from white to yellow.  Now, whenever you select your player profile, you'll see a list of all the cards you've marked as favorites.

We'll continue to bring you more tips throughout the course of game play so please check the blog each day for helpful hints and the latest game news.

Thanks for your contributions! 

Welcome to pcc MMOWGLI

Welcome to the pcc MMOWGLI Game!

Supply Department Sailors get clear as an MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter from the Red Lions of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 15 prepares to transport cargo hooks from the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70). Carl Vinson and its embarked air wing, Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 17, are deployed to the 7th Fleet are of operations supporting security and stability in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Scott Fenaroli (Released) 150422-N-HD510-112Welcome the pcc Professional Core Competencies MMOWGLI war game.  We are looking at requirements for new junior officers joining the Navy.

Thank you for taking the time to participate!   Your participation can help us ensure that our future Naval officers are receiving the best possible training.  Whether you are officer or senior enlisted, Navy, Marine or Merchant Marine, your thoughts and opinions are important!   

Why are we here?

All Naval officer accession programs are designed to produce officers with a basic knowledge of the Naval profession and to enhance moral, mental, and physical development. Their goals are to instill in graduates the highest ideals of honor, courage, and commitment and prepare them to assume the highest responsibilities of military service and command.

This is your chance to "sound off" on what new junior officers need to learn.  We all want them to be effective leaders right when they join the fleet.

The PCC manual delineates the professional core competencies required of basically trained officers from the following officer accession programs:

Naval Officer Accession Programs


Next, please be sure to watch the Call To Action video.  It describes why we're playing this game:

Call to Action: pcc Professional Core Competencies MMOWGLI game

Call to Action:  We need your help! Navy and Marine Corps officers and senior enlisted are invited to provide input on the Professional Core Competencies for basically trained officers, 27 April - 17 May 2015.

Your mission: review these competencies to revalidate current (and identify new) training requirements. Core requirements are shown under "Current Competencies" seed cards. "Future Competencies" are your opportunity to present fresh new ideas. Player contributions are essential. Please join!

MMOWGLI, the Massive Multiplayer Online Wargame Leveraging the Internet, enables collaborative thinking and innovation. Players build Ideas and Action Plans together on the Web.

Navigating the Game

Time go get started.  Please create a player account and login.  Remember, keep you identity information private!  If you prefer, just login as a Guest and take a look around.

Next please select “Play an Idea Card Now” which brings you to the top-level Idea Card page, shown below.

Let's Explore! Our cards are broken into two main groups, Current Competencies and Future Competencies.   The competencies are then broken into the following 9 competency areas:

Let's Play! Please click up down and all around to check out the different competency areas.  What is required?  Whta are other people saying? What do you think? You can click on any card to view it, and then add a child-card response .

As we start the pcc game, there are already 243 idea cards in play.  These cards each represent the current competencies from the approved Officer Professional Core Competencies (PCC) Manual.  Wow, that’s a whole lot of reading!   You may find that you are more interested or have more knowledge about certain competency areas.  It’s OK to concentrate on one or two areas, but feel free to join in the conversation in as many areas as you would like.  We all want to know what you think!

What's next? The “Future Competencies” area is where you can start a discussion about new officer competencies that you think might need to be added.  What are today's new junior officers missing?  What did you, or your first division officer, need to know that was a surprise?  Say what you think please.  Remember though, we are looking for “basically trained” officers – so please don’t go into specific items like pieces of equipment unless it is something everyone who is an officer should know.

Again, we appreciate your support and participation.  Our motto: play the game, change the game!

Game Design and Preparation

NSTC Team working hard at PCC MMOWGLI game design here at the Naval Postgraduate School MOVES Institute!

Welcome to pcc MMOWGLI blog

Welcome to pcc Professional Core Competencies blog

This is the blog for the pcc MMOWGLI game to examine Professional Core Competencies for Naval officer accessions.

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