training MMOWGLI is open!

 You are welcome to practice by playing the training MMOWGLI game.

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What is the "training MMOWGLI" game? How to Play video

The training MMOWGLI game is a collaborative space where Game Masters can learn how to set up and run a new game.  It also provides a space for practice play in a test environment.

How will you design the game, play the game, change the game?

About training MMOWGLI

Over the course of three years, Game Masters, sponsors and players have frequently asked the same important question: What does it take to design and set up a MMOWGLI game? There is a lot of documentation on the portal, but sometimes it is best to just try things yourself.

Many of you have participated in our Game Master training sessions and accessed the supplementary resources available to learn the art and practice of MMOWGLI.  But MMOWGLI is not a spectator sport! As part of our training, we always ask participants to "play around a bit" and get comfortable with the mechanics of MMOWGLI.  training MMOWGLI is your space to do just that.

We host a weekly teleconference that provides a training session to whoever is interested.  Usual time is Wednesday 1000 pacific, 1300 eastern.

Rules of Engagement

  • Game Master training is an effective way to prepare for your roles as game moderater and game player.
  • Warning: please do not reveal any Personal Identifying Information (PII) since the training game has broader access than other MMOWGLI games.
  • All information in the training game is considered scratch space and can be deleted at any time (usually monthly).
  • New game designers are allowed access to game administrator menus to see how operations work.