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Course Participation in Public MMOWGLI Games

Mowgli Jungle Book, Monterey Peninsula College, March 2015

Course Participation in Public MMOWGLI Games

NPS course instructors and students are now able to participate in MMOWGLI games together, based on a recent determination by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).  This great new development is included in the Human Subjects Research (HSR) consent protocol for the latest dd Data Dominance and pcc Professional Core Competencies MMOWGLI games.

The NPS consent procedure now allows instructor and students in selected courses to participate anonymously, as a group, within the larger game.  Summary:

  • All players must be 18 years of age or older. Participation is completely voluntary.
  • Course participants are allowed to know game names and identities of other participants in their course.  
  • Player game identities are not revealed outside of the course.  All other Terms and Conditions still apply.
  • Students can "opt out" of in-person game play and perform alternate course assignments, without penalty.

Instructors at other educational institutions need to seek local permissions for authority to play in this way.  You are welcome to refer to our MMOWGLI Institutional Review Board (IRB) guidance.  Further questions and collaboration are always welcome.

Details follow.  First, here is the agreement for course instructors:

Dear course instructors:

Thanks for considering the use of MMOWGLI in your course.  Please review the following additional consent requirements for you and your class.  If you decide to give students the option to work as groups in the MMOWGLI game, we request that you notify the game administrators.  According to protocol requirements, alternative assignments with matching credit must be provided for any student who voluntarily decides not to create a game account.  Example alternatives include performing a game review, writing a short paper, etc.  A similar level of effort or similar number of expected hours are good comparisons to avoid any possible perception of coercion.  Player participation remains voluntary at all times.

We are happy to help and answer any questions you might have.  Please advise if you want a special demographic category for course participants as part of player identity in the game. Please also notify us immediately if any problems arise via email to or the Trouble Report page.

We request that you send a short writeup afterwards summarizing course results, whether the game was a good match for your course, student feedback, and any suggestions for future improvements.  The MMOWGLI community will appreciate any results or recommendations that you wish to report afterwards.

Questions and suggestions are always welcome.  In order to continue improving the art and practice of MMOWGLI platform usage in education, workshops, or other closed contexts, activity organizers are encouraged to send a simple post-event report to the MMOWGLI community ( detailing:
• Usage parameters:  MMOWGLI game, course name, organizers, dates, institution, etc.
• Instructional purpose of course, goals, etc.
• Summary of outcomes. 
• Successes and difficulties, useful techniques, lessons learned, pedagogy, etc.
• Feedback from participants.
• Organizer conclusions and recommendations for future work.

Thanks for participating in this opportunity.  Play the game, change the game!

Next, here is the agreement for students:

Dear course participants:

Congratulations! Your instructor is providing the opportunity for students in your course to also participate in a public MMOWGLI game.  This gives you the option to work together as teams to build new Idea Card concepts and create influential Action Plans together.   We hope this will be beneficial to your course efforts and also to everyone else participating in the MMOWGLI game.  

Please be advised that the identity information of course participants can only be shared with other individuals participating in the course.  Do not reveal the game identities of other students or the instructor to anyone outside of your course.

Your participation in the MMOWGLI game remains voluntary at all times.   An alternate path for earning course credit will be available if you prefer.  All other terms and conditions on participation still apply.  Please advise if any difficulties or problems arise using the regular Trouble Report page or the direct email addresses provided.

Thanks for participating, we look forward to your insights and contributions.  Play the game, change the game!


Please contact us if your class is interested in playing in a public MMOWGLI game as a group.

Play the game, change the game!  We look forward to reaching the "next level" of group innovation and collaboration using the MMOWGLI platform.


Training Game Beta Test for New MMOWGLI Platform

The MMOWGLI team is happy to report that months of development are coming together... a major new release of the MMOWGLI game software is now beginning beta testing.  We are now revising the training MMOWGLI game on a frequent basis.

The first thing you will notice is that... not much has visibly changed.  That is because the modifications are almost all internal.  The primary open-source Graphical User Interface (GUI) codebase is VAADIN 7 which has improved support for HTML5, CSS, and other Web standards.  We have intentionally kept the same "look and feel" to ensure that this major transition occurs smoothly.

Once the beta test is complete and this major update ships across all MMOWGLI games (hopefully this summer), renewed effort will occur on:

  • Map improvements (several are visible already)
  • Mobile versions for tablets and hand-held devices
  • Confirmation of cross-browser usability
  • Additional features, especially for images and video

We have been focusing on stability, extensibility and the most modern set of Web-deployable libraries so tha further innovation can build on a solid platform.  You can look forward to further progress on the MMOWGLI open-source platform.  Play the game, change the game!

training MMOWLGLI Game is Open for Practice

 "What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand."    Confucius

The MMOWGLI team runs training for all game masters before each new game.  We are about to start regular weekly training teleconferences for game design, moderation, and practice play.  We also update portal documentation as part of each training and discussion session.

The training MMOWGLI game (plus mobile tablet version) is online and provided for game master rehearsal. You are also welcome to use it for player practice.  Additional resources for design, rehearsal and study include:

Play the game, change the game!

Please login to the mmowgli portal to gain access to all of these assets.  If you need a portal account, please let us know by sending a Trouble Report.  Upcoming sessions will be announced on this blog.

Please note that the training game is great for practice, but it may also get upgraded without warning.  Save you work!  If your group entered something really important that got clobbered, or if you have a suggestion for improvement, again please send us a Trouble Report.

Thanks for your interest in MMOWGLI, the Massive Multiplayer Online War Game Leveraging the Internet.

Help     How to Play video     How to Win the Action video


Some game posts are reflected on Twitter
  to support improved player awareness.
  VisibleTweets has an animated replay.

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