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Big Picture

  Today the world is confronted with the rise of two technologies, Unmanned Systems and Digital Manufacturing.  Each is being heralded as "game changers" in their respective fields but as history would teach disruptive technologies refuse to be pigeonholed.  The synergy between unmanned vehicles and digital manufacturing is inevitable with far reaching consequences, consequences obscured by the fog of war and compounded by break neck technology advancements.  How the world utilizes these technologies will change the balance of power both economically and on the battlefield. 

Digital Manufacturing is any production means which allows users to go from Digital file (CAD) to finished part/product with little or no human intervention.  This includes additive and subtractive methods: 3D printing, CNC machining, Flow Jet cutting or other methods of manufacturing, the main focus is on data to done.  These fast, agile, distributed production means are forecast to become a great equalizer by putting high quality manufacturing within reach of non-traditional players.   

Unmanned vehicles whether aerial, terrestrial, water or underwater are changing the face of warfare.  They can outperform manned vehicles, reduce risk to the warfighter and enable strategies and tactics not previously possible.  They also have the power to change the financial equation of warfare enabling many smaller non-state actors to pose a significant threat.

The Navy is facing another disruptive technology moment much like the introduction of aircraft carrier warfare.  Will the Navy lead the charge in unmanned vehicles and digital manufacturing or will it take a Pearl Harbor event to see the value in these two technologies?  


We are planning for a two week MMOWGLI game from 12 to 26 November 2013 and to accomplish the following:

  • Explore the intersection of UXV's and DM that has the potential to reshape the balance of power. 
  • Anticipate as many ways as possible that the enemy will use these technologies to disrupt the Navy. 
  • Develop as many concepts as possible for the Navy's disruptive use of these technologies.

The ultimate goal of the game is to produce actionable future program concepts for NSWC Carderock Division.


We will educate players by providing rich videos, articles and lectures in the subject of unmanned vehicles and digital manufacturing. A guest lecturer from government, industry or academia will provide a daily discussion related to the game. 

This MMOWGLI game will employ a Red-team/Blue-team format. We will explore both how the enemy might use these technologies to counter our capabilities and how we can use them to transform warfare for the Navy of tomorrow. The red team might be a lone wolf, rouge groups, state or non-state actors. Regardless of affiliation they will not be encumbered by "Big Navy" thinking, acquisition, requirements, certification or design process. On the contrary they will be extremely nimble, wildly creative and subversively leverage crowd sourcing. The Blue Team, Navy, must anticipate how the enemy will use these technologies to counter emerging threats while utilizing the same toolset to enhance its own capabilities. 


Our intent is to go beyond generating concepts to creating projects that will deliver real value to the warfighter.  To this end we will be funding the teams that produce the winning action plans to further develop and submit them for FY15 funding.

Access, Game Dates & Schedule

The UXVDM MMOWGLI will be conducted 12-26 November 2013.  This is a fully funded war game – an NWA will be provided for 1-2 hours of game play per day for Carderock employees. However funding for participation is limited and the first 106 respondents will get to play, so please contact Paul Andron to ensure your involvement.

Paul Andron, Lead MMOWGLI Coordinator at (301) 227-8183,

Garry Shields, Head of the Disruptive Technologies Lab at (301) 227-4654,

Presentation Schedule

Presentations will be via Defense Connect Online (DCO). All presentations will be at 11:00am Eastern Daylight Time.

[DCO Overview link]

Tue - November 12, 11:00am via DCO: Scott Littlefield, DARPA, Topic: General UXV and DM DARPA Projects

Wed - November 13, 11:00am via DCO: Charles Pippen, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Topic: Cooperation in Robotic and Unmanned Systems

Thu - November 14, 11:00am via DCO: Barry Ives, MC10 Inc., Topic: Flexible Printed Electronics

Fri - November 15, 11:00am via DCO: Skylar Tibbits, Self Assembly Lab, MIT, Topic: 4D and Self Assembly

Mon - November 18, 11:00am via DCO: Richard Grylls, Optomec Inc, LENS General Manager Topic: LENS Technology - 3D Printing Titanium and Stainless Steel

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Game Changers - Disruptive Technology and U.S. Defense Strategy (Please see pages 14-18 and 19-21)

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