Congratulations Gen Y mmowgli Action Plan Winners!

Dear Gen Y mmowgli community,

We promised we’d get back to you, and we’re sorry it took us so long.  But, we didn’t forget you.  We just took our time thoroughly analyzing the results of the Gen Y mmowgli.  After great deliberation, we decided that Action Plan 5 and Action Plan 11 were the best of the best.  Congratulations to our Action Plan contributors- Celticlight, havanasamurai, Muad’dib, ninjamonkey, Sarendt, Charrelle, Descartes, Grounded, MIDNX and Millennial Ty!

As you know, recruiting and retaining Generation Y is a big priority for the Department of the Navy and is of great interest to our Senior Executive Service (SES) members from the DON Gen Y MMOWGLI Executive Steering Committee (ESC).

This is all great, but what about real change you ask?  Well, in August/September, we would like to hold a virtual round-table meeting with the DON Gen Y MMOWGLI ESC to hear a pilot idea based on Action Plan 5 and Action Plan 11. We will allow the Action Plan authors an opportunity to develop this pilot via the MMOWGLI platform. We’ve asked our winners to consider a new set of questions for this special round to help further develop the ideas put forth in Round 1.

We are looking for pilots that fulfill a strategic need, can be easily deployed, and potentially be implemented across the DON. We are excited to hear your innovative ideas!

Thank you again for all your hard work. Picking Action Plan winners was not easy, and who knows! Maybe we’ll reach back in the future. 😉

DON Gen Y mmowgli Game Awards

DON Gen Y mmowgli Game Awards

Dear DON Gen Y mmowgli Players,

Thank you again for your incredible participation in the DON Gen Y mmowgli game! We want to make sure that we recognize those who contributed in ways that stood out most to the sponsors and the game team. Without further ado, here are the award winners!

Legion de mmowgli Medal

Legion de mmowgli Medal (LDM), is awarded to the top 3 players with the highest total score points. These players will receive a Certificate of Achievement signed by the DON Chief of Strategy & Innovation.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.07.07 AM

  1. Sarendt
    • Affiliation: Dept of the Navy
    • Expertise: Active Duty US Marine, Electrical Engineer, STEM Advocate, Father
    • Location: Dahlgren
  2. ninjamonkey
    • Affiliation: Student
    • Expertise: I am a millennial
    • Location: The Internet
  3. Descartes
    • Affiliation: Academia
    • Expertise: University instructor in psychology and full-time business consultant
    • Location: (Not listed)
mmowgli Commendation Medal

mmowgli Commendation Medal (MCM) is awarded to the players with the 4th – 10th highest total score points. These players will also receive a Certificate of Achievement signed by the DON Chief of Strategy & Innovation.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.07.23 AM

  1. havanasamurai
    • Affiliation: Dept of the Navy
    • Expertise: Design/fab/build/test
    • Location: Pax River
  2. Charrelle
    • Affiliation: Dept of the Navy
    • Expertise: Mathematics, Computer Programming, Engineering, and Graphic Design
    • Location: Patuxent River, MD
  3. Celticlight
    • Affiliation: U.S. Navy
    • Expertise: Science as an application towards an end
    • Location: (Not listed)
  4. Ler31415
    • Affiliation: U.S. Navy
    • Expertise: Gen Y NAVAIR Employee
    • Location: PAX River
  5. Muad’dib
    • Affiliation: U.S. Gov’t
    • Expertise: 12 years of Homeland Security Experience, Masters and Doctorate in HS studies
    • Location: Not listed
  6. Millenial Ty
    • Affiliation: Dept of Defense
    • Expertise: Railgun Engineer
    • Location: Dahlgren, VA
  7. Valley
    • Affiliation: Not listed
    • Expertise: Long time work with organization development, workforce engagement, recruiting
    • Location: USA
Idea Card Play Awards

Longest Chain: Longest Idea Card Chain

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.26.03 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 3.18.49 PM

Super Hero: Most Super Interesting Cards Played

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.44.05 AM

Bandwagon Fan: Most Expand Card Played

Overcomer: Most Adapt cards played

Devil’s Advocate: Most Counter cards played

Trailblazer: Most Explore cards played

Best Supporting Actor: Most Action Plans comments

  • Valley with 16 post-plan comments

Meta-mmowgli: Player who describes a mmowgli playing mmowgli

The Pontificator: Longest conversation with self

Honorable Mentions

Above and Beyond: players who was the best blog post contributor

The Profiler: players with the best profile name

The Recruiter: players who won the recruitment challenge

  • AJ Martinez
  • Philip Lee
  • Chris Contolini
  • Deborah Shurberg
  • John Wright
  • Laura Ross
  • Sherry Williams
  • Becca Law
  • Bob Taft
  • Steve Surell

Improvement Award: players who provided platform feedback

The Converted Believer: there was a player who originally asked to be “dis enrolled”. After a few emails this person played actively in the game and even contributed to an AP.

Action Plan Awards

We need some time to review all the Action Plans before we select the recipients of this award. We will contact the winners of this award and invite them to a virtual round-table meeting to discuss their Action Plans with the DON Chief of Strategy & Innovation and other Senior Executives.

To keep up with the latest, please check back in with our blog and please provide any comments you may have below!

Sorry folks, Gen Y mmowgli is closed!

Sorry folks, Gen Y mmowgli is closed! The game master out front should have told you!

First, THANK YOU to all the players who made this mmowgli a wild success. Together, you contributed 2800 Idea Cards and 33 Action Plans over the course of two weeks.  None of this would be possible with out your time and dedication to improving the future of the Department of the Navy. Second, we’ve set the game to “read-only.”  That just means you can log into the game, but can’t edit anything in it.

Finally, you all can sit back and relax.  It’s up to us now to do the hard work of reading through all of the Idea Card chains and Action Plans.  (A task we’re happy to have.) Please be patient with us as we review the game content and select recipients for awards. Yes, awards! You didn’t think all your hard work would go unrecognized did you?

We’ll have two round of awards coming soon.  We anticipate the first to be issued within a week or two of the game ending.  The second round will take some time as we meet in person to select top Action Plan awards.  To keep up with the latest, please check back in with our blog, and as always if you have any questions, comments or constructive criticism about mmowgli itself please let us know!  You can contact me directly at with your ideas for improvement.

Thank you again and again.  Mission complete!


Putting it All Together and Weekend Warrior Announcement!

UPDATE! The gen y mmowgli will end today, 24 April at 8:00pm EST.  Please finish your Action Plans today!

Dear Gen Y mmowgli Task Force members,

We’ve been so impressed by your amazing participation that we decided to extend the game until Monday so that you can refine the actions plans this weekend. Believe us when we say, we know that life and work can get in the way of mmowgli.  Please take advantage of this extra time to provide your final thoughts and ideas before we close out our game.

As you play the game, it’s easy to see that many of themes we’ve been blogging about are linked to one another. Technology can be used to better develop someone’s career and increase their sense of ownership with the DON. Improvement in the work culture can help in retaining and recruiting. Social Media can be used to overcome the generational stereotypes and improve people’s perception with the DON. As you continue to work on the Action Plans, consider other related themes as you expand and shape these plans. In order to make it easier to identify which Action Plan you want to focus on, we grouped all the Action Plans under the appropriate themes. If you disagree with our grouping, please let us know in the comments area. We are open for discussion!

Career Development
Action Plan 5: DON-Industry Exchange Program
Action Plan 6: Job Rotation
Action Plan 28: Adopt Industry 20% Model
Action Plan 30: Hands-On Engineering
Action Plan 32: Reverse-mentoring Program
Action Plan 33: DON Secondary/Higher Ed Training Programs
Action Plan 34:How do we create a platform or environment in which baby boomers want to share their knowledge?

Impact of Technology
Action Plan 11: Engaging Millennials and Young Generations After
Action Plan 17: Better Understand the Era of Opportunities Gen Y Faces

Action Plan 16: Better Understand the Era of Challenges Gen Y Faces
Action Plan 17: Better Understand the Era of Opportunities Gen Y Faces

Action Plan 5: DON-Industry Exchange Program
Action Plan 6: Job Rotation
Action Plan 20: Cultivate a Creative Environment of Opportunity within the DON
Action Plan 25: Telecommuting/Virtual Work
Action Plan 28: Adopt Industry 20% Model
Action Plan 29: DON Should Adopt Quality of Life Programs
Action Plan 32: Reverse-mentoring Program
Action Plan 35: Department Overviews: Retaining Our Workforce

Action Plan 3: Advertise DON Through Technology
Action Plan 9: DON Centralized Intern Program
Action Plan 11: Engaging Millennials and Young Generations After
Action Plan 14: Early DON Engagement with Gen Y Using Gaming
Action Plan 15: Re-brand/Expand DON Loan Forgiveness Program
Action Plan 19: Advertising DON with Media
Action Plan 31: AAA Video Game for Navy
Action Plan 33: DON Secondary/Higher Ed Trade Programs

Work culture/atmosphere
Action Plan 4: Crowdsourced Performance Reviews
Action Plan 8: Determine DON Requirements
Action Plan 13: Improve the Story with Better Scenery
Action Plan 18: Consolidating the elements that Gen Y finds appealing in the workplace or work environment.
Action Plan 21: Create an Out Survey for Employees Who Leave the DON
Action Plan 22: Identify and Creatively Address Challenges the DON Environment Produces
Action Plan 23: Beyond Social Media: Cultivate a Collaborative Environment without Social Media
Action Plan 25: Telecommuting/Virtual Work
Action Plan 29: DON Should Adopt Quality of Life Programs

Public transportation/telecommuting
Action Plan 25: Telecommuting/Virtual Work

DON hierarchy
Action Plan 22: Identify and Creatively Address Challenges the DON Environment Produces

Perception of DON
Action Plan 3: Advertise DON Through Technology

Education vs experience
Action Plan 30: Hands-on Engineering

Social media
Action Plan 19: Advertising DON with Media
Action Plan 26: Use Milsuite in Innovative Ways

Generation stereotypes
Action Plan 10: Learn to Ask and Listen
Action Plan 16: Better Understand the Era of Challenges Gen Y Faces
Action Plan 17: Better Understand the Era of Opportunities Gen Y Faces
Action Plan 24: Identify and Better Understand the Influences of Gen Y

Increased sense of ownership
Action Plan 7: Mission over Money
Action Plan 12: Connection and Ownership to Provide Variety and Excitement in the DON Enviornment

authors: gm_phillip and gm_sofiya

10 Ten Reasons You Should Contribute to an Action Plan!

Hey players,  Are you missing an opportunity to take this game and your ideas to the next level?  Well if you haven’t been playing in the Action Plans, then the answer is YES!  In the spirit of Dave Letterman’s Top Ten List, we’re bringing one to you…here they are-the top 10 reasons you should contribute to an Action Plan!

10) Your perspective is needed! You might not be an expert, but this is about the Power of the Collective- Innovation comes from the fringe!

 9) Maybe these players are asking the wrong questions- missing the boat- barking up the wrong tree?! It’s your change to right the boat and climb the tree!

8) You were born to be a leader! This is a great place for introverts to LEAD! Put your thinking into the plans that will lead the change!

7) Get recognized! The Sponsor will be announcing game winners! You could get a letter celebrating your contribution!

6) It’s easy – look at the earlier blog post on how to join an action plan – It’s just a click away.

5) Practice collaboration skills! Action plans are a great venue to expand the conversation with other players and come up with even better ways to craft a final action plan!

 4) Earn innovation points! Authoring Action plans is a great way to score points!

3) You don’t even have to help author a plan to contribute – You can simply comment on plans or cast a vote for the plans you think should be implemented! The power of the thumbs up!

2) Contributing to action plans elevates your status as a thought leader and may get you invited to future games!

… and (drum roll please!)

 1) You – yes YOU are part of a community doing something to making it better!! You will receive the gratitude of generations to come – while it might not be direct… ok, it might be very difficult to detect on many days, but you will know that You Came – you Played the Game and now the Game is changing – because of YOU!

author: Wendy Walsh

Day 3 Lens Challenge: All About Expectations

Managing expectations of Generation Y and beyond –is the Department of the Navy missing the boat?

Much ado is being made about the mass exodus of retirement eligible Dept of the Navy (DON) civilians within the next five years.  Even more to do is being made about who will step in and carry this enterprise further into the 21st century and beyond – the obvious answer being employees who are Generation Y (aka Millennials).  So, if we simply hire enough of these people, we’ll cover the gap, right?  Not really.  And how easy will it be to convince these folks to take up the mantle of the defense industrial complex?  That’s hard to say.

When trying to describe Millennials, much of the language refers to the stereotypes held by Pre-Millennials.  Ridiculous claims like “Millennials feel entitled”, “Millennials don’t work hard”, “Millennials lack values”, “Millennials are less Patriotic”, “less religious”, less everything.  Millennials are also painted as “having short attentions spans”, being “tied to technology”, and not be able to “communicate effectively”…and on and on.   Have you ever heard any of these “descriptions” of Millennials?

Being a Millennial in the DoD, I usually don’t hear much praise at all for the innovation, creativity, and talent of my generation.  And when the Gen Yers arrive, they’re going to blow the doors off the Millennials with their level of skill and talent.  Maybe we don’t ever hear this praise because the DON industrial complex has no outlet for these skills and talents to be showcased.  The DON continues to try to squeeze round pegs into square holes and are disappointed when the round pegs don’t fit, or ultimately decide they don’t even want to try to fit and move on to other career alternatives that are more accommodating to their shape.

A group of emerging DON leaders conducted a 6-month long investigation to try and understand and scope the expectations of the Millennial generation.  Through surveys and other data collection, the group identified some of the main areas of divergence between Millennials and Pre-Millennials as illustrated in the table below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 8.34.47 AM

Obviously this list can and should be expanded – what would you propose?  Do you agree with these findings?  How should the DON use this information to outline the bold changes required of the DON enterprise to meet these expectations?  Look forward to hearing your feedback and following up with further discussion.

author: Juan Berrocal, APM, Production (404P3), Undersea Weapons Program Office

Impact of Technology: That’s Not How This Works

Gen Y mmowgli Task Force members,

We’re now on day 2 of our Lens Challenge! Today we’re asking you to consider the impact of technology.  It’s been a big conversation piece in our mmowgli so far with differing paths forward on how to address it put forth by our participants.

Now, there are 1000 jokes to be made on technology (specifically social media) and the gap between millennials and other generations.  My favorite is the esurance commercial! (Please note, this is not an endorsement of esurance…)  While the commercial is humorous in nature, it points out how often we conflate social media with technology, but remember social media is only one form of technology.

Here to break this all down for us is an excellent, in depth blog post by Karthik Bharat. His post kicks off Day 2 of our Lens Challenge! Please read and then consider this post with regard to your Action Plan.

Qualitative phenomenological study on the impact of technology in attracting, engaging and retaining millennials


The Department of the Navy (DoN) is aggressively pursuing ways to attract a diverse workforce capable of addressing the needs of the 21st century.  Millennials, those born between 1982 and 2000, number more than 83 million and represents more than one quarter of our nation’s population. The Secretary of the Navy has made recruiting for diversity of thought one of the key pillars of the DoN Innovation Vision.  The population of millennials in the United States is far more diverse, both racially and ethnically, than previous generations with the percent of minority now exceeding 37.9 percent (Department of Commerce, 2015).

The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological study was to explore the impact technology has on attracting, engaging and retaining millennials within the Department of the Navy (DoN) workforce.   The results of the study indicated that minimal technology is used during the recruitment process and that the millennials are aware of available existing technology that if employed can enhance work efficiency.  The participants in this study did not feel that a lack technology would play a significant role in their desire to remain employed with the DoN.

Millennials are attracted to government work because they often feel like they are giving back to the community (Burger, 2014).  In 2014 the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) found that millennials are among the happiest government employees.  Eighty-six percent claim felt their work was important, 83 % claim their bosses treated them with respect, and 66 % felt their bosses support their personal development.  Despite being drawn to government work and perceived feelings of happiness, OPM found that millennials often leave their government jobs within 3.8 years, slightly over the national average of 4.6 years as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Rein, 2014).

Utilizing a phenomenological approach, researchers interviewed 40 participants.  The scope of the study was limited to members of the millennial workforce within the DoN.  This convenience sample represented millennials from six geographically dispersed areas. A convenience sample of millennial DoN civilian employees (n=40) were interviewed until common experiences emerged.  Qualitative research literature suggests data collection concludes at the point of saturation (Butterfield & Borgen, 2005). This research was limited by sample size and available time to conduct the research project.

Some limitations may threaten internal validity.  Based on interpretation, subjective bias of researchers in the methodology of interviewing can influence findings.  To minimize this threat, hand written notes were taken during the interview, to reduce or eliminate any interpretive bias.

Summary of Findings

To what extent does the role of technology play in attracting, engaging and retaining millennials?

  • During recruitment, email was the primary means of communication (48%) however, the process was slow, confusing, and cumbersome (20%).
  • 45% of participants felt social media needs to be included in the recruitment process.
  • 58% of participants perceived that DoN’s use of technology detracts from their work performance.
  • A common theme among participants (83%) perceived an increased use of tablets and various apps would be beneficial.
  • 90% of participants felt the use of these technologies would make them more effective.
  • Participants (68%) perceived technology would not play a major role in their desire to remain employed by the Navy, however 24% felt it would have some impact.
  • Primary technological limiters identified include incorporation of technology delays, connectivity speed and software (57%).
  • If millennials could change one thing it would be the inefficient use of existing technology (68%).

The interviews demonstrated that millennials in this study depend on technology as a means making life and work easier.  In order to accomplish this, they depend on staying well connected with via a number of means, primarily smart phones. Although the participants in this study did not feel that a lack of technological advance would impact heir decision to remain employed with the DoN, they do feel that a lack of technology can have an impact on their effectiveness and productivity.


Based on the findings, the researchers recommend forming working groups to provide further exploration in the areas of recruitment and retention.

With regards to recruitment of millennials, this research suggests that the working group investigate three primary areas:

  • How the DoN can increase job advertisement to include social media.
  • How the DoN can increase recruitment at job fairs and college settings.
  • How the DoN can utilize text, IM to communicate with millennials during the recruitment process.

In addition to these three primary areas this research also recommends that a working group explore a means to expedite the hiring process.

With regards to work engagement of millennials, this research suggests that an additional working group be formed to further investigate:

  • How the DoN can increase the use of tablets and various applications to enhance the efficiency of various work tasks.
  • How the DoN can enhance the speed of available (existing) technologies.
  • How the DoN can increase access to web sites currently restricted to some users and the use of CAC to provide an enhanced means to log on to web sites, reducing the reliance on user names and passwords, while maintaining existing levels of security.

Regarding the retention, this research found that technology does not have a significant impact of the millennial workforces desire to remain employed with the DoN.  However, this does not suggest that the DoN not retain a focus on the retention of millennials.

author: Karthik Bharat, OPNAV N46, Installation Operations , Facility Operations Analyst

Lens Challenge Day 1: Career Development

Gen Y mmowgli Task Force members,

Congratulations on a tremendous effort thus far in the game!  Over the past week we have seen 2400+ Idea Cards played on our to key focus areas: DON Environment and the Gen Y Population.  Your insights have led to the creation of 31 Action Plans! You have risen to the challenge placed before you, but now we want to challenge you a little bit more.

During this last week of our mmowgli, we want to focus on the Action Plan phase of the game.  Over the course of the next five days we’re going to give you a lens through which to view your Action Plan.

The purpose of this challenge is to help refine the Action Plans to consider how each of these Action Plans might affect these lenses.  We’ll reveal a new lens each morning through a blog post, so make sure you are checking back regularly! We realize not every Action Plan might relate back to these lenses, but please try to stretch your thinking and consider these areas.  You can share your thoughts in the Talk it Over feature of the Action Plan or in the plan itself if you are an author.  If you are not an author and wish to share your thoughts on these focus areas, you can always make a comment on the Action Plan in the Comments section. Without further hesitation…

Today’s focus will be on career development.  For more thoughts on career development please read the short blog post below by William Burnett, Ph.D.  Dr. Burnett is the Deputy Commander of the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command.

Career Development

What are the current opportunities for career development within the Deptartment of the Navy?  I want to highlight two that quickly come to mind.  First – innovation.  Our Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Richardson, constantly emphasizes the need to enable innovation within the workforce.  He was recently quoted by the Navy News Service to say, “I see the pace of technology picking up very, very quickly.  How can we better learn how to acquire systems, so we can ride this technology curve, and have even the faintest hope of keeping up with the technological advances that are going on?”  Innovation and career development go hand-in-hand.  Both emphasize the need to understand technology and processes to achieve goals and derive results.    Without career development in the workforce, the ability to innovate by understanding new processes, techniques and procedures will be eliminated.  The Navy has to ensure career development through attending conferences, continuous training and cross-detailing with industry.

Second – leadership.  Today we have a number of leadership training opportunities to enhance career development.  The Department of the Navy’s Bridging the Gap program and the Naval Intelligence’s NAVIGATION program are just a few of the opportunities available for the workforce to improve their knowledge, skills and abilities.  At my Command, we run an Executive Leadership Program that reaches down to the GS-5 to GS-9 levels to bring leadership training and opportunities to that portion of the workforce.

As we progress through the GEN-Y mmowgli, please think about and provide other ideas to how we can enhance career development for the incoming workforce.  Techniques that work today may not be the best techniques for tomorrow.  Let’s explore the realm of the possible and the impossible.


I’ve Got Soul But I’m Not a Soldier

One of my favorite bands is The Killers and one of my top favorite songs is “All These Things That I’ve Done” from the Hot Fuss album.  It’s always one of those songs I crank up in my mom mobile as I transport my kids from here to there. (Not what you’d expect to hear blaring out of Honda Odyssey at 7:30 in the morning, but part of me likes to think I am an enigma in some ways. You can question my music taste later…)

One line in the song that I love is towards the end is “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier.” It’s not part of the hook, so it’s really not meant to be memorable.  But for me it is, and I think it could be relevant to our mmowgli.  I’ll tell you why after the jump.  First, I’ve got some house keeping items to get to!

Mechanical Clarification about Action Plans

There’s a pesky detail about creating Action Plans that I failed to highlight in my last blog post. (I’m sorry!)  In an attempt to avoid any further confusion, here’s what you need to know.  When filling out an Action Plan Request form an Idea Card number is required to enter the Action Plan into the game.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 8.49.20 PM

The idea here is that every single Action Plan corresponds to an Idea Card or Idea Card chain in the game.  This is because mmowgli combines two phases of thinking: the divergent, rapid brainstorming phase (Idea Cards) and then the convergent, detailed phase (Action Plans).  We like to show this progression in mmowgli.  It speaks to our “it just takes one idea” ethos.

So, please accept my apologies for not emphasizing this.  A few of you have gotten emails back from me requesting an Idea Card number to execute your request.  In the mean time, here’s a tip! If there isn’t an Idea Card number that corresponds to your Action Plan idea…just create the card! We don’t care if it’s a childless card or the parent of multiple child cards. Game changers are game changers.

The Way Forward

In case you didn’t notice, we’re shifting our main focus to the Action Plan phase.  We think we’ve captured some of the big themes and innovative ideas in our Action Plan list, but we still need you! Let me explain where were headed from here on out, and then I’ll bring it back full circle to my Killers reference.

  • First, if you aren’t seeing something you think should be captured in this phase, create it! Don’t just take our word for it. We miss things too.
  • Over the weekend and into next week, we’re going to ask you to revisit some of the Action Plans with a few “lenses” we’re going to give you. We’ll introduce those lenses in the form of blog posts.  So, BOLO (be on the look out!)
  • Finally, I say we’re going to shift our focus on the Action Plan phase, but go where you feel most comfortable! If that is in the Idea Card phase of the game, do it! If it’s in Action Plans, come on over.  If it’s commenting on blog posts, we like that too! Just keep the good ideas flowing!

Alright, back to The Killers…

I’ve Got Soul but I’m Not a Soldier

There’s been a healthy hint of skepticism come through in some of the Idea Cards in our game. On the surface, some might dismiss this as ‘complaining’ or ‘venting’, but I see it as a key to the door of change.  So, I want to take a moment to do two things.  First, I want to reassure you that the game masters and game sponsors are paying attention to what you are saying in the game.

Behind the scenes, we’re hosting twice daily teleconferences to talk about the developments of the mmowgli.  We’re highlighting innovative ideas, thinking of ways to better engage with you and identifying thought leaders. But most importantly, we’re actively listening.  It would be easy to read some cards and be dismissive of seemingly “angsty” cards as havansamauri jokes, but that’s not why we’re doing this mmowgli.  We undertake this process with a heavy does of humility and optimism because we don’t have all the answers.  That’s why we turn to you and ask for help in rethinking our future. We want to try something new and to invite everyone to the table to contribute.  We chose mmowgli because this forum allows for the merit of an idea to be the focus rather than other barriers that may prevent meaningful dialogue and ultimately true change.

Secondly as a Game Master, I am a Gen Y’er and an active participant in this mmowgli as a player. (Don’t ask I won’t tell you my name!)  Working as a DON civilian was not my first choice when it came to places of employment.  I spent three years in an ROTC program in college working hard to earn my commission as an Army officer, but in my third year just as I was applying for a slot to go to Airborne School doctors discovered a medical condition that ultimately disqualified my from military service.  My childhood dream of serving my country in the military died in the spring of 2005.

When I came across mmowgli a few years later, I was pursing a Masters degree in an attempt to make myself more attractive to employers.  In addition to grieving the loss of my life long dream, apparently my recently earned Bachelor of Science degree from a big university held no value after the financial collapse of 2007-2008. I was now at a point in my life that I  had to fundamentally rethink my own future because of circumstances beyond my control.

To make this already long story short, I’m now a lead game designer for team mmowgli as a DON civilian.  I didn’t seek out this path. I stumbled upon it through my own experiences and challenges as a Gen Y’er. Now, you can put away the tissues and turn off R.E.M.’s Everybody Hurts in the background.  My point here is that my own skepticism, apprehension and in some instances disbelieve has slowly eroded through my 23 + mmowgli experiences. Part of this I can attribute to the idea of something like mmowgli, where nothing matters but ideas. But, the other part comes from working in an environment where I am respected and trusted to lead and make decisions with the support of my colleagues. Not everyone in our Gen Y mmowgli is fortunate to have that environment regardless of what generation they hail from.  I hear you.  I’ve been there. As Bill Clinton said, “I feel your pain.”

My challenge to you (all players) is to look inside and understand what part of what you share here emanates from your own experiences, challenges and beliefs?  And what part is influenced by your environment?  Make that explicit in your mind and in the game.  Stereotyping and generalizing in part occurs because we simply don’t communicate. Then take the next step and try to understand the interaction between the two.

Finally after doing these things, use this mmowgli experience to work with others to find a new, better future. Some of you will be skeptical and apprehensive.  Some of you will refuse to believe in the process.  That’s okay.  I can only tell you that I’ve seen it done before. It is possible. The best part is you don’t have to be a soldier.  You just have to have a little soul.


The More You Know

Gen Y mmowgli Task Force members,

Anyone remember the late 1980’s “The More You Know” PSAs?  (They were my favorite!) Apparently, they are making a cultural comeback in 2016, and so I’d like you to consider this your “The More You Know About Action Plans” PSA!

  Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 8.38.51 PM

Some of you may have noticed there is an orange Take Action button in the upper right hand corner of your screen.  This button opens up a second phase of our mission known as the Action Plan phase. A few of you you have invitations in your inbox to an Action Plan and some of you still don’t know they exist.  It’s okay!  This post is here to help demystify them so we can take this mmowgli to the next level!

Action Plans are the who, what, why, when and where of a single card chain.  An Action Plan is your opportunity as a player to tell us more about your idea.  In an Action Plan, you are not restricted to 140 characters or less.  In addition, you can even add images and video to enrich your plan.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 8.16.53 PM

Action Plans are important because they are another way to generate points!  Innovation Points begin to rack up when you create Action Plans and/or contribute to them.  There are many ways to collaborate on an Action Plan without being an author.  For example, players can contribute their knowledge by adding to the Comments section of an Action Plan.  Players can also vote on the quality of the Action Plan.  If you like what you see, you can also leave a comment stating that you want to be an author, and a game master or author of the action plan can add you.

Also, Action Plans with a red number need expertise! You can also see these on the “Need Authors” tab of the action plan dashboard.

Now that you know what an Action Plan is how do you create one?  Simply select the Trouble Report link at the bottom of the game page.  Within the first paragraph, you’ll see a link on how to create an Action Plan.  Fill out this form and your request will be answered shortly.  Additionally, game masters will be looking at card chains they think are interesting and will be promoting some plans in that way.  If you’re invited to an action plan you should receive an email or in-game mail.

In the end, collaboration on Action Plans is what MMOWGLI is all about.  Generating “knowledge accidents” and making them a concrete plan.  Thanks for your continued contributions.  If you have questions, look at Action Plan 1, it was created as an example to help players better understand the idea.  Also, you can leave questions as comments on this blog post or in the comments of those plans.

Below is a list of the Action Plans that have been created so far in the game.  It is by no means final or exhaustive! That’s why we’re asking you to jump in and check out this new phase of our mmowgli mission.  Game Masters tried to capture “big themes” as best we could.  Perhaps there are some here that capture big themes that need to be spun off into very specific Action Plans? Maybe we just missed something?  (We’re human too!) Whatever the case, WE NEED YOU to take your creativity to the next level.

Current Action Plans